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allure rx reviewNew:  AllureRx Eye Revitalizer Review

Allure RX just released their latest skincare innovation.  This time, they’re targeting the eyes.  The AllureRx Eye Revitalizer was designed from the ground up to target the delicate skin found around, and under the eyes.  Using ingredients selected to increase hydration, reduce dark circles, and decrease wrinkle appearance,   Allure Rx has already earned a lot of critical praise.  In our review, we’ll see if that praise holds true, while looking a little deeper at which ingredients they’re using, and their trial program requirements.  Let’s get started!

Allure Rx shows promise right out of the gate with a formula that integrates some really nice herbal extracts.  These extracts, blended with skin-building peptides, combine to give some really nice results.  The results they’re reporting are somewhat unbelievable:  A 73% Hydration Increase, 81% Dark Circle Reduction, and 55% Decrease in Wrinkle Appearance.  While we have our doubts about these numbers, the reviews we’ve seen for AllureRx have mirrored the claims brought forth by the company.  So, what do we make of it?  Early indications are that this serum is the real deal.  We’ll dive deeper into the ingredients to see how the serum is working below.  But if you’re interested in seeing pricing information, click the link below to head there now!

How Does Allure RX Work? 

Allure Rx is somewhat of a black swan.  In appearance and aesthetic, it’s a serum.  And don’t get me wrong, it behaves like a serum should.  It absorbs quickly, has a nice, refreshing texture, and is lighter than most of the creams you’ll try.  But if you ignored all the aesthetic features, and just focused on how your skin felt afterward, you would swear it was a cream.  Maybe that’s why they label it a moisturizer, and not a cream or serum.  It certainly delivers cream-like hydration.  Beyond that, AllureRx seems to work both on the surface and deeper in the dermal layers.  The surface effects are mostly from the botanical extracts, while the peptides account for the deeper, more revitalizing effects.

Allure Rx Moisturizer Benefits:

  • Great Moisturizing Qualities
  • Antioxidant-rich Formula
  • Nice Botanical Extracts
  • Skin Enhancing Peptides
  • Safe, Natural Formula

Allure RX Ingredients

We briefly hinted at the ingredients Allure Rx is using, but we’ll list and talk about the ingredients here.  We’ll talk about the extracts first;

Grape Extract – Grape Extract is used predominately as a way to provide natural antioxidants to a formula.  In this case, it gives the primary source of antioxidants.

Vitamin K – Vitamin K is a common supplement ingredient, but in a recent study, Vitamin K showed a capacity to increase skin recovery after laser treatments.

Aloe Vera Gel – This common skin-soothing ingredient is a great addition to any product, and in this case, it helps to sooth damaged and inflamed skin.

Passion Flower Extract – This one gives some nice skin-calming action, as well as providing a nice gentle scent.

Allure Rx Trial Information

As of the time of this posting, AllureRx is only available via a direct trial.  That means you’ll be signing up for a limited time to try the product, which, if you don’t like, you cancel.  The trial period is pretty standard, as is the shipping cost.  But we encourage you to check it out by clicking the banner below!  One of the most exciting things about Allure Rx is that it was developed alongside SkinFresh MD as a way to replenish and restore skin on a more holistic level.  If you’re interested, click the links below to try Allure Rx and SkinFresh MD today!



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