Ayurvedic Cream

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Ayurvedic Cream For AcneAffordable Ayurvedic Acne Treatment!

Today we’re looking at one of the most popular Ayurvedic Cream products on the market, the Eraser from IPSA Labs.  This anti acne and pimple cream works by using “Ayurvedic” principals of natural medicine and integrates a series of effective herbal remedies for a variety of acne, pimple, other skin issues.  They use ingredients like Khair, Neem, Ghandak, Masoor, Lodhra, Calamine, Haldi, Khariyia Mitti, Kali Mirch and Potash Alum to give your skin a huge boost in acne fighting!  If you’re like many women around the world that suffer from acne far past puberty, and you’re looking for an all-natural way to sooth, and decrease the appearance of acne, you need to give this one a shot!  Click “shop now” on the image above to start comparing pricing and shipping options!

Many acne medications rely on caustic acids and chemicals to basically sap the life out of your pimples.  While that approach is undoubtedly effective at stopping pimples, the after effects can be somewhat daunting.  You’re left with skin that is dry, damaged, and in need of heavy moisturizing, which when used, makes you flair up again!  With this Ayurvedic Cream, you get an all-natural alternative to acne-fighting that doesn’t leave your skin screaming afterward.  If you’re interested in learning more about how the ingredients work, you can keep reading, but if you’re ready to try something that a ton of people swear by, click the link below!

How Does Ayurvedic Cream Work?

While we’re not going to go super in-depth on what Ayurvedic medicine is, we do want to give a brief description for those of you looking for information.  Basically, Ayurvedic Medicine is a traditional Indian system of healing that uses natural herbs, spices and roots to treat ailments.  Those ailments can range from the mundane, like acne, to more serious conditions.  We would never recommend these products for serious conditions, so keep that in mind.  But for people that have sensitive skin that might be sensitive to synthetic ingredients, this Ayurvedic Cream is a nice fit.  It’s essentially an herb salve that incorporates Khair, Neem, Masoor, Ghandak, Calamine, Lodhra, Haldi, Kali Mirch, Khariyia Mitti and Potash Alum.

Ayurvedic Cream For PimplesA lot of these herbs are relatively unknown in the states, so we’ll go over them a little more closely now.  The first one, Khair, comes from a tree found in arid regions of the Middle East and Asia.  It’s been used for centuries as an ingredient in folk medicines like Ayurveda.  Neem is another one native to India, and its been used for centuries as a natural antiviral, and anti-bacterial, making it a great match for this medication. The third ingredient, Masoor, is otherwise known as lentils, which supposedly provides an anti-inflammatory effect.  Calamine is the last one we’ll talk about, and it’s used to dry out pimples as they appear on the face.  

Benefits Of Ayurvedic Cream

  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Chemicals
  • Natural Ayurvedic Technique
  • Great For Sensitive Skin
  • Really Low Price

How To Use Ayurvedic Cream

According to the instructions they provide, you’ll be using the Eraser just like many OTC acne medications.  Simply clean and dry the face, then apply the cream directly to zits and to problem areas where you often see breakouts occur.  They advise use at least once a day, preferably at night before bed.

How To order Ayurvedic Cream

When you’re looking to buy your order of Ayurvedic Cream, you’ll find that we’ve went ahead and linked the best price on Ipsa Labs eraser below, but you’ll also see a selection of other Ayurvedic Creams in the ad above, so make sure to check it out!  Thanks for reading, and remember to check back for more in-depth reviews, previews, and special offers! 

Ayurvedic Cream