Aztec Clay

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Aztec ClayAztec Healing Secret!

Aztec Clay is sweeping the market.  Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay claims to have a the “world’s most powerful facial.” So does it hold true?  Well, even though we’ve tried a TON of facials, we haven’t tried them all.  That’s like saying you have the worlds best cup of coffee!  Some people might take it at face value, but not us.  So when we did a little digging into what makes Aztec Secret “powerful” we were able to pinpoint a few qualities that indeed make it better than your average facial mud.  By using 100% natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, Aztec Secret gives a one of a kind facial experience. If you’re ready to discover the secret mask of the Aztecs, then click the image above to start shopping Aztec Clay!

Clays have been used for centuries as a way to naturally exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores.  In fact, the use of healing clay goes back to ancient German and Roman spas.  This calcium rich clay is much better than typical mud clay because it offers a much firmer mixture that gets much harder as it dries.  The result is more suction of the pores, which gives a much more intense curative effect.  If you suffer from nasty clogged pores, acne, cystic acne or even just want to rejuvenate your face, then you need to try Aztec Clay!  If you’re ready to start shopping Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, then click the link below to shop prices, read reviews and buy!

Why Aztec Clay?

We picked up Aztec Clay on a recommendation from one of our friends at our sister company.  They insisted that it was the best facial they’ve ever had!  We couldn’t really argue with them that day as their skin was looking so immaculate, so we jotted down the details and ordered later that day.  The clay comes in a one pound package, which is enough for about 8-12 facials depending on the thickness you want to use.  We’ve also heard of people stretching the clay by adding oils and the like for added effectiveness.  While we didn’t add anything for the sake of this review, we didn’t think that it needed it either.  The bentonite clay comes dry, so you need to either mix it with water or apple cider vinegar.

Aztec Clay Middle

Since we’ve been using apple cider vinegar for some other projects, we decided that it would be a good idea to use it as the mix.  When you’re mixing the clay, make sure to use a sturdy container, as this stuff gets pretty hard.  When we used the clay, we applied about a 1/4 inch of the clay to our face and jaw.  After about 5 minutes, it began to start pulling on our face.  After 20 minutes it was completely hard.  To remove the clay, we hopped in the shower and it came off after some gentle coaxing.  While some have said that their face was more red than normal, we experienced little redness.  What we did experience, however, was crazy pore cleansing effect.


Benefits Of Aztec Clay

  • High Calcium Content
  • REALLY Cleans Pores
  • More Powerful Than Mud
  • No  Additives
  • Make Your Own Recipes

Aztec Clay; Final Word

So after trying Aztec Clay, we were hooked.  It became part of our weekly ritual this Winter, and we’re glad it did.  We’ve since tried different recipes (which we’ll share with you tomorrow!) and had a ton of success in making our own clay facial mixes.  We really can’t recommend this facial highly enough!

How To Order Aztec Clay

The best way we’ve found to order Aztec Clay has been through Amazon.  We’ve went ahead and linked the best price available, but if you want to shop, or even read more positive reviews, just click the banner at the bottom of the page.  We know you’ll like it as much as we do.  As always, check back here at for more up to date news, reviews, deals and exclusive offers!  

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