Beauty Clear Powder

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Beauty Clear PowderHOT:  Japanese Face Wash Powder!

If you’ve been reading our reviews for awhile, then you know that we’ve been a bit obsessed with Japanese and South Korean skin care lately.  That obsession has definitely born fruit for us, as we’ve found a handful of products that have found a permanent home in our skin care repertoire.  The one we’re covering today fro Kanebo SuiSai, the SuiSai Beauty Clear Powder, is no exception to the rule.  This just-add-water cleanser is one of the best we’ve found on the market, and is a perfect solution for the girl on the go.  We’ll give you details as you keep reading, but if you’re curious, and you’re looking to save some time, just click the image above for more info, plus prices!

It’s easy to get in a skin care rut, using the same products over and over, regardless of if you’re getting good results.  Often we use a product that isn’t even right for our skin because of “that one time” we looked great from using it.  If you’re in a skin care rut, and you’re looking for a new way to cleanse and treat your skin, then you need to try out the Beauty Clear Powder.  This one has definitely earned a spot in our travel pack, and because it only needs a couple drops of water, is great for long camping trips or traveling. Stick around for a breakdown on the product, or click the link below to check out prices today!

How Does Beauty Clear Powder Work?

Have you ever been packing for a trip, only to realize your favorite facial cleanser just wouldn’t work for the trip you were planning?  That’s a problem we, and others, have ran into, and while this product isn’t specifically marketed as a “travel cleanser” it sure fits the bill.  It’s packed in a convenient, individual powder capsule, which when broken, gives you access to the gentle cleansing action of the Beauty Clear Powder.  While we’re not quite able to give you the specific ingredients because we can’t decipher the Japanese labeling, what we can tell you is that tons of people love this one for it’s gentle cleansing, and brightening effects.

Beauty Clear Powder ReviewTypical Japanese brightening products rely on a rice wine byproduct called Kojic Acid, so we feel comfortable taking a guess and saying that might be at work here.  Either way, the product isn’t going to give you much “brightening” so don’t buy it solely for that effect.  So what should you buy this one for?  Like we said, this one is great for travel, but we also like that it only takes a tiny bit of water to get it foaming, and once it does start foaming, it has just enough grit to help exfoliate and clean without damaging the skin.

Beauty Clear Powder Benefits

  • Ultra Portable And Compact
  • Great For Travel
  • Great Exfoliating Texture
  • Leaves Skin Feeling GREAT
  • Ultra Popular In Japan

How To Use Beauty Clear Powder

This one is a bit different to use, since it’s a powder, but we like it exactly for that reason.  With the individual use packaging, these basically keep forever, and you don’t have to worry about it drying out.  Just add a little bit of water until it reaches the desired consistency then apply with a soft brush.  When you’re done, rinse or wipe off.

How To Order Beauty Clear Powder

When you’re ready to place your order, simply click the banner below.  From there you can get access to some nice reviews on Amazon, (55 at last count) and check out some pricing and shipping options.  We definitely hope you check this one out, but either way, we hope you find a good facial scrub!  Thanks for reading and check back soon!

Beauty Clear Powder Reviews


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