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BeautyRxGet A Prescription For Beauty!

The BeautyRx Progressive Peel is a system carefully developed by Dr. Schultz, and encompasses a wide study of 50,000 plus glycolic peels, and 120,000 patient visits.  It uses an advanced system that slowly increases the level of Glycolic Acid, making the skin adjust, and gain steady improvement, instead of damage. Those improvements can be seen just about everywhere, with a 97% of people reporting smoother skin, 94% reporting better overall appearance, 100% reporting a reduction in oil, 82% reported easier makeup application, 88% reported decreased pores, and 100% reported a decrease in breakouts. If you’re interested in seeing some of those results for yourself, click the link below to order your Dr. Schultz BeautyRx today!

BeautyRx Progressive Peel takes a full, clinical approach to skin improvement, with a product design that is specifically meant for integration into an existing skin care routine. And that’s a huge benefit for a 6-week skin program.  The treatment program is centered on a schedule that gradually bumps glycolic levels.  We’ll cover the usage instructions in depth in a bit, but basically you’ll be using the serum, then the pads and serum, then the cream, then the pads and cream.  This gradual combination allows for the strongest skin improvement of glycolic fixes on the market.  To learn more, or to start shopping, click the link below!


How Does BeautyRx Work?

If you’ve ever went to a clinic, and asked for a chemical peel, chances are they’ve used a system similar to what Dr. Schultz is using with BeautyRx.  Key difference?  Price!  Instead of paying hudreds of dollars in costs that aren’t covered by insurance.  You’re instead paying $69.95 and getting some nice free shipping.  But just because you’re not going to a clinic for this peel, don’t think for a second that this one isn’t as effective.  In fact, the system pioneered by Dr. Schultz is just as strong, if not more effective than your typical treatment.  It also gives results that are just as good or better. 

Jan Marini Bioglycolic Reviews

BeautyRx Effects

The whole basis of a peel is getting rid of dead skin, and making way for the formation of new, smooth looking skin.  While this process occurs naturally overtime, as we age, and as we expose our skin to sunlight and other natural stresses, the process begins to buildup.  The result is dead, dry looking skin.  By using a glycolic peel, like the one from BeautyRx, you’re getting rid of this buildup.  That means that your skin has more room to grow, and breathe.  That fresh looking new skin makes you look younger, with smoother skin, a reduction in oil, decreased pore size, decreased breakouts, easier makeup application, and better overall appearance.

BeautyRx Benefits:

  • Clinically Proven Method
  • Great For Exfoliation
  • Get Smoother Skin
  • Reduce Pore Size
  • Get Better Overall Appearance

Shop The BeautyRx Amazon Store!

Looking for the best price on BeautyRx?  We’ve got you covered!  Click the banner below to check out the best price for BeautyRx Glycolic Peel, and save hundreds off what you would pay at a clinic.  You’ll be getting a ton of benefits thanks to Dr. Schultz and his years of clinical experience.  Click the banner to start shopping!

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