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Best Korean Skincare ProductsOur Favorite Korean Skincare Products!

Today we’re going to change it up a bit.  Typically we just look at a single product, but today we wanted to share with you a few of our favorites from a single niche.  Today’s niche?  KOREAN SKINCARE!  We’ll cover a few of our favorites here today, a Collagen Serum from Mizon, a rice water cleansing oil from The Face Shop, and one of the best CC creams we’ve ever come across with the Erborian CC Creme.  All of these products are ones that we’ve loved, and have heard good things about, so if you’re ready to start shopping, skip down a bit and you’ll see links next to the breakdowns on the left hand side of the page.  Let’s get started with our Best Korean Skincare list!

In our breakdown of these products, we’lll cover the absolute Best Korean Skincare products.  Keep in mind, we’ll be doing more features like this, so check back for more, but as of right now, these are by far our favorites.  You’ve probably seen us cover products from the Face Shop and Mizon before, but the Erborian was a new name for us as well.  Learn the ins and outs of these up and coming companies, including detailed ingredient breakdowns to help you know what you’re putting on your skin.  First up?  Mizon Collagen Serum!

 Best Korean Skincare: Mizon Collagen Serum

We’ve covered an insane amount of collagen serums here, but they always seem to get away from their advertised ingredient.  So when we saw that Mizon, the masters of South Korean bio-tech had a Collagen serum, we were intrigued.  But was it truly worthy of our Best Korean Skincare list? What we found, was a serum that was a whopping 90% Collagen, and that was almost unbelievably inexpensive, we’re talking drugstore prices here.  But it doesn’t matter how cheap something is if it doesn’t work, so we tried it out for ourselves.  What we got a was great results, like tighter, more supple skin, with better texture and elasticity.  Like we said above, it uses 90% Collagen to get its results, so  We weren’t alone, either, in fact, it sits at 4.5 stars on amazon right now with 54 reviews.  If you’re looking for a great, inexpensive serum, you’re in for a treat!  Click the banner to the left to check it out!


Best Korean Skincare: Face Shop Cleansing Oil

If you’ve been reading our reviews lately, you’ll notice this one as a familiar name, but it’s actually a different product.  This bundle includes both the Cleansing Foam we covered yesterday PLUS the Cleansing Oil.  It’s a really nice pairing too, because the Cleansing Foam (as we discussed) has the ability to dry out your skin a bit if you’re not careful.  The cleansing oil, on the other hand, is perfect for maintaining moisture, and even protecting against future damage due to its oil-based design.  It’s enriched with jojoba oil, and because it dissolves impuritites on your skin, while hydrating, you get a nice balance between skin rejuvenation and skin nourishment.  We definitely recommend this to anybody who is having trouble with their current cleanser.  It’s really highly rated, with an average of 4.5/5 rating, and 101 reviews.  We definitely encourage you to check this one out.

Best Korean Skincare: Mizon Intensive Ampoule

Mizon is another company we’ve had our eye on for a while.  We recently covered another product in this line, and we REALLY liked it, so we decided to give their Ampoule formula  a try.  We’re really glad we did.  This one is specifically geared at the under eye area, and is said to regenerate the skin, which helps to alleviate the look of acne scars, while nourishing, protecting, brightening and firming.  It’s packed with vitamins and peptide, as well as their “secret” ingredient, Snail Mucin.  We’re not alone in liking this one either.  Right now it’s sitting at 4/5 stars with 247 Reviews.  It’s a #1 Best Seller as well, so it’s catching a lot of steam in the States.  People often buy it together with the repair creams.  We really liked this one, and we’re absolutely sure you will too.  Click the image to the left to check it out!  You’ll be glad you did!


Best Korean Skincare: Benefits

  • Great, Fairly Priced Products
  • Focus On Natural Ingredients
  • Leading Biotech With Mizon
  • Great Cleansing Oil Combo
  • Fantastic Collagen Serum!

Best Korean Skincare: Final Thoughts

This is a niche we definitely plan on exploring more often.  Let us know what you think of this format in the comments, and as always, thanks for shopping!  Your support keeps us running, so thanks for being great readers!  If you’re interested in any of the products, make sure to check them out on the links provided, and if you’re in the mood for even more reviews of new and emerging skin care products, check the main page for more information.  As always, remember to like, favorite, share and bookmark, and to check back often for more breaking previews, reviews, and offers you can’t find anywhere else! Best Korean Skincare Companies


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