Bliss Fat Girl Sleep

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Fat Girl SleepSoothing Overnight Cream!

Bliss’s Fat Girl Sleep is a daily night cream that works to firm your skin overnight! Are you wishing there was a way to plump up your skin without having to resort to plastic surgery? Do you want to use something that is as easy as applying a lotion to your skin? That’s exactly what this night time cream is! This cream is formulated with an encapsulated complex of scared lotus flower, red algae extract, and soothing lavender. It works to promote a sleep friendly environment and helps make the most of your body’s overnight resting time!

It is very important to understand that this night time lotion is not a weight loss product! It works to firm and tighten areas of your skin and to also be used as a part of your body betting routine. There are also other products with this line of skincare through Bliss that work in conjunction together to increase your skin firmness and plump it. Fat Girl Sleep, however, is a creative and unique blend of ingredients that work only at night to plump your skin in your legs and your body. If you are looking to learn more or to order your own supply of this night cream, hit the link below!

What Is Fat Girl Sleep?

This product is formulated with an encapsulated slenderiZZZe complex that helps to reduce the look of dimples. Bliss’s Fat Girl Sleep uses ingredients like sacred lotus extract, red algae extract and lavender essence. Sacred Lotus Extract helps to tone your skin. It derives from the lotus plant. The flowers, seed, leaves, and parts of the underground stem are used to make medicine. Red Algae Extract works to promote micro circulation and reduce excess water retention. Lastly, Lavender Essence works to deliver calming, relaxing, aroma-therapeutic benefits. Lavender is a herb that has sedating effects and works to relax your muscles. This is used in many medicines and has found to treat many conditions such as restlessness and insomnia.

How Does Fat Girl Sleep Work?

This fragrant cream is meant to be applied in the evening before going to bed and it is said to provide aromatherapy comfort and relaxation. This product is said to aim to moisturize, tone and tighten the skin in areas where cellulite has developed in order to make those lumps less noticeable. Many consumers who have used this product reported satisfaction from this cream and would recommend it to anyone. This is a non-greasy formula and will easily and effectively absorb into your skin. Other than that it is known for its relaxing and calming properties. The lavender helps you to sleep more soundly, which has been proven to result in efficient weight loss.

Benefits Of Using Fat Girl Sleep:

  • Soothing Overnight Cream!
  • Naturally Made Ingredients!
  • Helps Aid in Sleep!
  • Reduces The Look Of Cellulite!
  • Encapsulated With Extract Rich Complex!

Are You Ready To Start Using Fat Girl Sleep?

This body night cream is meant to give you full night’s “booty” sleep with it’s extract rich complex! It’ll work to make your skin look and feel firmer and more toned, as well as promote a sleep-friendly environment with lavender. It is best used as a part of your body-bettering routine and with the rest of the Bliss regimen! To get your order of this cream now click below!