Blissful Moisturizer

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blissful moisturizer reviewNEW: Blissful Revitalizing Moisturizer!

Ready for some exciting news?  Well, maybe not that exciting for you.  We got to review a moisturizer that was actually good.   That’s right, the out-dated skincare term has emerged from the basement, and the results are downright Blissful.  The aptly named Blissful Moisturizer is receiving pretty good advanced reviews, to the point that we had to write about it too.  So what’s so good about it?  Well, lots.  It does everything a moisturizer should, including deep, instant hydrating and everything that brings.  But Blissful Revitalizing Moisturizer takes it one step further, into the realm of anti-aging results.  

While typically a good moisturizer does give anti-aging results, they’re fairly limited in that aspect.  Most are more focused on the daily upkeep of the skin and its proper moisture levels.  That’s good and fine, but it leaves a lot of women reaching for products to use with the moisturizer.  Blissful Moisturizer answers that problem by making its moisturizer a bit more of a hybrid.  They’re using ingredients (which we’ll talk about below) that firm and smooth, while hydrating and revitalizing.  The result is younger looking skin that is more responsive to your everyday demands.  If you’re interested in learning more about Blissful Moisturizer, we’ve provided a link below for you to head there now!

How Does Blissful Moisturizer Work?

Blissful Moisturizer, at least as far as we can tell, works by using a couple well-known ingredients—peptides and collagen.  Even if you haven’t heard about these before, chances are you’ve used them in products without even realizing it.  Details on them, below; 

Collagen is one of the most prevalent proteins in our skin.  When healthy, your skin produces it at a high level.  As we age, the skin produces less and less, leading to decreased skin health, and more wrinkles.  Topical application has shown promise in studies like the one here.

PeptidesPeptides are a branched chain amino acid that are the precursor to proteins.  They’re used to great benefit in decreasing prevalence of skin issues like Transepidermal Water Loss.  

Blissful Moisturizer Benefits:

  • Uses Two Great Skincare Ingredients
  • Can Help Improve Skin Health
  • Helps Fight TEWL
  • Works With All Common Skin Types
  • Bestselling New Moisturizer

Blissful Moisturizer Reviews

We’ve seen a few advanced reviews for Blissful Revitalizing Moisturizer, and they’ve been relatively good.  We say only “relatively good” because we have noticed a few issues with the trial.  People don’t seem to like the strings that come with it.  We understand that, but when you can get what basically equates to a free bottle of the moisturizer, it’s hard to be mad.  We’ll cover more trial details below.

Blissful Moisturizer Trial Information

With the public release of Blissful Moisturizer, they’ve been handing out a handful of trials.  The trials, like we said above, are a great way to get a heavily discounted bottle of the moisturizer.  While we don’t have exact numbers, you can find out pricing options on the next page.  We’ve linked to that page with the banner below if you want to head there now.  You’ll also find some good information on the product, as well as some examples of results you can look forward to.  But before you head there, check out the links below.  We’ve linked to Blissful Moisturizer and Derma Refresh.  These two are a great pair, and work together to give a both on-the-go, and deep acting approach for great skin.  Click the links for more!



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