Caudalie Serum

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Caudalie Serum ReviewNEW: Caudalie Hydrating Serum

Today we’re looking at an ultra-hydrating serum from the folks at Caudalie, Paris.  The Caudalie Serum, Vinosource S.O.S Thirst-Quenching Serum is an oil-free moisturizing serum that has shown good results for hydration, and decreasing overall skin sensitivity.  In our review we’ll judge those claims for ourselves, and take a close look at the ingredients.  So what do we think?  We think this one’s a good buy at the luxury level, and a lot of people seem to agree.  Why don’t you be the judge?  Click the image above to order some for yourself, or to see more reviews and pricing information on Amazon!

Caudalie, Paris, has a bit of a reputation in the skin care world for it’s unique, groundbreaking products, and for it’s unique backstory.  While their store is based out of Paris, the company originally got started in the Bordeaux region of France, where Mathilde and Bertrand started their grape powered product.  13 years later, they have a reputation for some of the finest products on the market.  So when we heard about the new Caudalie Serum, we were on board.  What we found was a serum that hydrates, nourishes, and helps to guard against future damage.  If you’re looking for a serum that can do those things, and do them better than any other serum, then you definitely need to check this one out!  Click the link below to get started! 

How Does Caudalie Serum Work?

We’ll dive into the Caudalie Serum ingredients in a moment, but first we wanted to talk about what you can expect from this serum.  First, this one is designed to restore moisture balance.  Since most of us suffer from moisture deficient skin, it’s designed to help the skin moisturize.  It’s also designed to do this quickly, making it ideal for skin hydration at the drop of a hat.  When you use the product regularly, your skin will feel more refreshed, hydrated and soft.  Ideally you’ll be using it with a moisturizer afterward, so it’s more inserted into your existing skincare routine, than replacing anything.  Definitely pick this one up if you’re looking for more intense moisturizing than your typical routine delivers.  We’ll discuss the ingredients below.

Caudalie Serum ReviewsThe indgredients we’re seeing are all on the clinical side of the spectrum, except for a few key natural ingredients.  Right off the bat, we’re seeing Vitis Vinifera Fruit Water, which is basically a lightly processed grape extract.  This is the basis of the whole Caudalie line, so it understandably very prominent in the formula.  Moving on, Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, and Ethylhexyl Palmitate are all sourced from plants, which was a nice surprise.  A bit later, grape seed extract, grape juice and citric acid make an appearance, as does the industry-standard Hyaluronic Acid.  We like the ingredients we’re seeing here.  The natural sourcing shows a lot about the care they’re putting into the formula.

Caudalie Serum Benefits

  • Great Ingredient List
  • Relatively Well-Received
  • Good For Hydration
  • Good For Skin Health
  • Great For Sensitive Skin

How To use Caudalie Serum

The Caudalie Serum is really easy to use.  Basically, you’re inserting it into your normal skincare routine after your cleanser and before your moisturizer.  You’ll be using it for enhanced moisturization, so if your skin is feeling good, save your treatment for when it’s not feeling so great.

How To Order Caudalie Serum

Caudalie Serum can be pretty tough to find at a decent price.  We’ve found a good price on amazon, which we’ve linked below.  If you’re on the fence on this one, we definitely think you should at least give it a look.  Click the banner to check reviews and prices today!

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