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Clarins Serum Review mainNEW Clarins Double Serum Review!

Clarins of Paris has been a favorite around our office for some time for its groundbreaking skin care products.  The latest one we’ve had great experiences with is the Clarins Serum, specifically, the Clarins Paris Double Serum.  The complete age control concentrate targets the vital functions of the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles, even skin tone and reduce pore size in just four weeks.  If you want to learn more about the serum, or just check out some reviews and prices, click the “shop now” button on the image above!  We’ve went ahead and linked the best price available!

Clarins Serum is doing a lot of things right, first off, they have backed up their claims with data gathered in two different satisfaction tests.  In those tests, they found that 90% of women found the Clarins Double Serum more effective than their current serum, and a whopping 197 women found that they had firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, less apparent pores, and better skin tone in four weeks time.  The serum uses a little talked about plant, Cang Zhu, that is grown in the northern mountains of Chinal.  It enhances the skin barrier, which heightens the skins ability to prevent damage from the elements.  If you want to learn more about Clarins Serum, or you want to start shopping prices, click the link below to get started!

How Does Clarins Serum Work?

Clarins Serum uses an interesting approach that we’ve only seen in a handful of other products.  The biggest part of that is the dual delivery that mixes the active ingredients at just the right level as they reach the surface of the bottle.  The Hydric and Lipidic formulas combine to give the best possible results.  Add to that a few great ingredients, like the Cang Zhu root extract, and you get a multi-faceted, and doubly effective serum that has provided great results for thousands of women around the world.  There are a few other ingredients that make this treatment work, and we’ll get into those below the banner.

Clarins Serum Reviews

The other natural ingredients included in this formula are; Kiwi Fruit Extract, is great for providing a ton of vitamins, like vitamin C and E, which help to promote the skin barrier.   Another ingredient, Great Burdock, is used in a lot of traditional medicines for purifying and cleansing, and has been used to control eczema as well as acne.  The last ingredient we’ll talk about, Arnica, provides some fantastic soothing properties that help to give a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.  When you combine these ingredients, you get results.  After one week, 89 percent of women reported more radiant looking skin.  81 percent reported diminished fine line visibility.  86% reported firmer skin, and that same percent reported younger-looking skin .  

Clarins Serum Benefits

  • Effective, Natural Ingredients
  • Breakthrough Skincare Method
  • Highly Rated, Recommended
  • Competitive Price
  • Elite Skincare Company

How To Use Clarins Serum

Clarins Serum is really easy to use, just apply to your face daily.  For best results, use for at least four weeks.  One bottle is typically enough to last at least twice that with careful use, so keep that in mind.  Remember to start out slow, as with any new product.

How To Order Clarins Serum

When you’re ready to order your bottle of Clarins Double Serum, click the “shop now” button on the banner below.  From there you’ll go directly to amazon, where you can compare the best available prices, and get access to the most up to date reviews.  This one is highly recommended, so we recommend you get to shopping!  As always, remember to like, favorite, share, and subscribe for the newest offers in skincare! 

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