Clarins Sunscreen

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Clarins SunscreenNEW: Great Sunscreen From Clarins Paris!

If you’re going to make it through the summer with out adding a few wrinkles, you’re going to need a solid sunscreen.  But it has to be just right.  Not too oily, not too light, and just enough SPF to protect your skin, but still let a little color come.  Clarins Paris has done just that, with their Clarins Sunscreen line.  The Clarins Women’s UV Plus Multi Protection Sunscreen SPF 50 is a good choice  for people looking for UV protection, as well as pollution.  Click the image above to start shopping prices!

Clarins Sunscreen does a lot of things we like.  First off, it gives a non-streaky application which makes using it a breeze.  Second, it’s non-oily, which is huge for people with combination or oily skin.  Third, it works very well.  We’ll hone in on those benefits a bit later in the review, but we really appreciate the thought that went into this sunscreen.  It’s also using some nice smelling natural ingredients that we like, especially the white tea, succory dock-cress and cantaloupe.  So if you’re looking for a great, all-around UVA/UVB sunblock, definitely check this one out.  More information, including pricing, shipping and reviews, in the link below!

How Does Clarins Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreens are built for a variety of uses, but with one goal in mind; to block the sun.  While their efficacy differs from product to product, they’re rated with a handy rating called SPF.  This rating can tell you how well a product can block UV rays from hitting your skin.  The one we’re looking at today registers at a SPF 50, which means that about 1/50th of the sun hitting your skin makes it through.  This equates to a 98% blockage.  So it’s solid blocking, and perfect for daily use during periods of high outdoor activity.  In addition to blocking damage from the sun, Clarins Sunscreen also goes to work, protecting your skin from the damages of pollution.

Clarins Sunscreen ReviewsClarins Sunscreen Reviews     

When digging for reviews of the Clarins Sunscreen, we’ve been finding typically positive reviews.  These reviews point at the fast absorption, pleasant smell, and pollution protection as big pluses.  Negative reviews generally point at price as the negative, but some don’t like the smell.  Aside from the negatives, it’s highly rated.  On amazon right now, it comes in at 4.5 stars with 25 reviews, which is a pretty solid indication of quality.  One thing we really liked about this sunscreen was that it was built for daily-use, and is an oil-free formula, meaning it’s great for people with mixed or oily skin.

Clarins Sunscreen Benefits:

  • Rated SPF 50
  • UVA and UVB Protection
  • Non-Tinted, Oil-Free
  • Designed For Daily Use
  • Helps Protect Against Pollution Damage

Shop The Clarins Sunscreen Amazon Store!

Clarins Paris has some excellent sunscreens, and best of all, they’re available in a variety of spf, sizes, and prices.  We’ve went ahead and linked to the cheapest price on the Clarins Women’s UV Plus, but make sure to check out the related products tab while you’re there.  You might find a better deal!  Thanks for reading, and we hope you found this review helpful.  If so, kindly give us a share, like or favorite, and make sure to check back often for the latest news, reviews, and special offers here at Eye Serum Review!

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