Cleansing Foam Review

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Best Cleansing Foam#1 New Release From Face Shop

Today we’re looking at our favorite Cleansing Foams on the market with our Cleansing Foam Review.  So which one takes home the gold?  The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam!  It brightens, it detoxifies, it moisturizes, it helps you look your best!  It uses moringa oil and soapwort combined in a nice cushioning texture that leaves your skin feeling GREAT!  It’s really cheap too.  You can grab a bottle for just under $11 and it qualifies for prime shipping.  Click the “shop now” button on the image above to check out reviews, answered questions from The Face Shop, and pricing and shipping information.  If you’re here for the review, keep reading.  We’ll get to it in just a moment.

When we were looking online for Cleansing Foam Reviews, we didn’t come across one that really dove into what makes cleansing foams so desirable.  In our Cleansing Foam Review, we’ll cover what we look for in a good cleansing foam, and which products do it most successfully.  It’s no surprise that the South Koreans are way ahead in their products, and we’ll detail the one we found to work best.  We also take into account prices for you price-savvy ladies. If you’re ready to jump into the review, head below.  If you’re ready to start shopping (we don’t blame you) go ahead and click the link below to start comparing prices and reading reviews!


Cleansing Foam Review – How Does Cleansing Foam Work?

If you’ve used a cleanser before, then you know they typically come in liquid form.  So what’s the point of using a foam?  For a lot of people, foams seem to work better with the skin than with traditional cleansers.  That’s because foams are more likely to have skin supporting ingredients in them due.  The one we’re looking at today in our Cleansing Foam Review is the Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam.  This one offers a few added benefits than your run of the mill cleanser.  First, it moisturizes.  While most cleansers simply remove your makeup, they leave your skin in a precarious state that leaves it prone to damage due to lack of surface oil.  By moisturizing while cleansing, you’re getting the most benefits possible from the moisturizing ingredients.

Cleansing Foam Reviews

The other effects are just as nice, but read carefully if you plan on using it.  That’s because it contains a brightening agent (NOT whitening, brightening) and it can effect your skin tone (positively in our experience).  The last effect, and probably the most important part of any good cleansing routine, is the cleansing aspect!  This one uses Moringa oil and soap wort to gently cleanse the skin of makeup and accumulated dirt and oil.  Moringa oil is great for this, as is soapwort, so we’re really liking it.  If you’re ready to start shopping, click the “shop now” button on the banner at the bottom of the page.

Cleansing Foam Review – Cleansing Foam Benefits

  • Better Than Liquid Cleansers
  • Brightening, Moisturizing
  • Minimize Moisture Loss
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Great Texture And Smell

Cleansing Foam Review – How To Use Cleansing Foam

Cleansing foam is used similarly to cleansing liquids but it does carry with it a few other instructions.  First, since this one is brightening, you want to be careful about sun exposure immediately after using it.  Make sure to use a good sunscreen!  We have a ton of reviews on sunscreens here, so you really have no excuses.  Get on it!

Cleansing Foam Review – Final Thoughts

When you’re shopping for Cleansing Foam, you’ll find the best prices online.  We like amazon because they have prime shipping, plus really buyer friendly return policies.  If you’re looking for the cheapest price, we’ll save you some time, just click the “shop now” button on the banner below and you’ll see that we’ve linked the lowest available price.  Plus it qualifies for prime shipping.  Nice, huh? Get your cleansing foam today!

Cleansing Foam Benefits