Cleansing Stick

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Cleansing StickNEW: Korean Beauty Secret!

Some of you have probably been reading about these lately.  They’re what skin care experts are calling “Cleansing Sticks.”  So what is a Cleansing Stick exactly?  It’s basically an on the go skin cleanser that lathers into a nice cleansing foam, and does it without skin irritation.  It also makes skin look, feel, and smell great!  In our review of the Su:m 37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, you’ll find all the information we know on it’s ingredients, effects, and even get the lowest available price! We’ve linked to that price above, just in case you’re in a hurry!

If you’ve been reading Cosmo lately, you’ve probably heard of the Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick.  There are others out there, but the novel, compact form, and great smelling scent and effects of the Miracle Rose Cleansing Sticks really serve to set it apart from the others.  While we aren’t overly familiar with sum37 as a company, we’re able to tell you that they focus on a natural portrayal of nature in their products.  That focus on nature is apparent in the miracle rose cleansing stick ingredients, where they use natural ingredients to get their users naturally great looking skin!  Click the link below to see for yourself!


How Does Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Work?

The Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is the best working example of a cleansing stick we’ve covered.  It basically uses slightly dampened cleanser in stick form, which is applied directly to the face.  It then works into a lather, and works much like any other cleanser.  That said, this is a S. Korean product, so it isn’t quite what we use in the states.  It does carry with it some nice benefits, however.  We’ll cover those benefits below.  Their is a lot to like about the Miracle Rose Stick, like it’s portability, ingredient protecting packaging, and it’s great cleansing effects!  We’ll get into those effects below!

Korean Cleansing Stick

Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Effects

The su:m36 cleansing stick has some really great skin cleansing effects.  It’s able to gently remove accumulated dirt, debris, makeup and oil without irritating the skin.  In addition to this, you get a skin softening effect that leaves the skin feeling soft, nourished and hydrated.  Add to that a nice, subtle scent and you have  a great, portable skin cleanser that is great for travel, or just carrying in your overnight bag.

Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Benefits

  • Great, Portable Design
  • Top Of The Line Cleansing
  • Great South Korean Company
  • Cleanse Without Irritation
  • Nice Foaming Lather

Get Your Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Today!

When you’re ready to order a great new way to cleanse your skin, click the banner below to order your Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick!  We really appreciate the thought and passion that went into creating this product, but to be honest, we really like it for it’s portability and good cleansing ability.  We’ve seen countless reviews that agree, so make sure to check them out!  We’ve linked to the lowest price on amazon, and they have a ton of reviews for you to look over, so make sure to check them out!

sum cleansing stick