Clinique Even Better Eyes

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Even Better EyesThe Dark Circle Corrector!

Clinique’s Even Better Eyes is an eye serum that works to diminish the look of dark circles under and around your eyes? Are you constantly being told you look tired? Do you also struggle with trying to get rid of the puffiness and dark circles that form under your eyes? The great thing about this corrector is that is will work on any skin type! It won’t clog your pores if you’ve got extremely oily skin or it won’t cause irritation and redness to your already dry skin! This is a product that works great on both sexes as well!

Dark circles are marked by the presence of circular patches of darkness around the eyes. Most commonly dark circles occur as patchy circular marks surrounding your eye; some other signs include puffiness or swelling which may raise these circular patches. There are many reasons as to why these dark circles are forming under your eyes, such as heredity, age, diseases or allergic reactions, medications, lack of hemoglobin, constant exposure to damaging rays of sun and many more. Clinique’s Even Better Eyes is an ophthalmologist tested serum that works to brighten skin tone around your eyes and on any skin types! To learn more or order your own supply click now.

What Is Even Better Eyes?

This lightweight formula also works with it cool massaging tip to eliminate the puffiness around your eyes. Cliniques Even Better Eyes formula includes ingredients such as, vitamin c, mulberry root, green tea extract, phytosphingosine and more. Vitamin C is a very popular ingredient in the world of beauty and cosmetics. It comes from many food sources especially fruits and vegetables. One of its many benefits is slowing down the process of aging, as well as, to protect your skin from free radicals such as sun exposure, pollutants and other environmental hazards. Mulberry root is a plant based ingredient. There are chemicals that are produced in the mulberry root that work in a similar way to some medicines. This is a powerful antioxidant to keep your skin protected from free radicals and also helps your skin to maintain moisture.

Green Tea Extract is another plant based ingredient that hold several benefits to the human body. Many like to apply green tea bag to their skin to sooth a sunburn and prevent skin cancer. They are also used to decrease puffiness under the eye, as a compress for tired eyes or headache. Green Tea contains polyphenols which have also been found to prevent inflammation and swelling. Lastly, Phyoshipingosine is a conditioning and anti-bacterial lipid. It is essential for healthy skin and helps to regulate the production of lipids in the outer skin layers thereby promoting natural moisturization.

How Does Even Better Eyes Work?

This is a tinted and lightweight serum that works to disguise dark circles. This formulation of ingredients will have you looking more rested because it works to keep your skin nourished while lightening dark under-eye circles. The skin strengthening ingredients make skin less, transparent, while the cooling massage tip breaks up the puffiness under your eyes. Sheer optics create an instantly brighter look on all skin tones and leaves skin feeling healthy and looking youthful.

Benefits Of Using Even Better Eyes:

  • Hydrates Skin With Full Moisture!
  • Brightens & Evens Skin Tone!
  • Works On All Skin Types!
  • Uses An Array Of Ingredients!
  • Cooling Tip To Massage Puffiness!

Are You Ready To Start Using Even Better Eyes?

In conclusion, this dark circle corrector will begin to work to diminish the visible signs of dark circles around your eyes. It uses a wide variety of clinically studied ingredients that have taken over the anti-aging industry! Ultimately, the result of using this product will be a 30% reduction in dark circles in just 12 weeks! To get your own corrector today, click now!