Cure Gel

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Cure Gel ReviewNo 1 Best Selling Japanese Exfoliator!

Are you looking for a no frills exfoliator that is gentle enough for sensitive skin?  Cure Gel, or Cure Natural Aqua Gel, is one of the best we’ve come across.  It’s great for a quick exfoliating scrub, and because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals, it’s great for sensitive skin.  When we finally got our hands on a bottle, we were really happy with the results!  It uses a series of extracts, like Aloe Barbadenis, Ginkgo Bilboa, and Rosmarinus Officinalis, to exfoliate, while soothing the skin.  If you want to get in on this Japanese secret, we’ve linked to the product in the image above, so click above to see what all the hype is about!

Not only is Cure Gel the best selling exfoliator in Japan, it’s also highly regarded in the States as well.  On amazon right now it’s sitting at a solid 4/5 stars from 1667 reviews, so if you’re on the fence on this one, definitely give the reviews a look.  This one is designed specifically to remove dry, dead, and rough skin, so don’t expect it to do anything more than that.  It’s easy to use, fast acting, and really great if you have sensitive skin. It’s also really fairly priced for how much use you can get out of a bottle.  We’ll be diving into the ingredients below, but if you’re interested in checking out this one right away, then click the link below!  

How Does Cure Gel Work?

Unlike a lot of exfoliating agents that rely on rough, gritty material, to scrape away dead and dying skin cells, Cure Gel uses a combination of botanical extracts and non-caustic chemicals to gently dispose of your problem skin, giving rise to new, better looking and feeling skin.  The ingredients in the formula are pretty straightforward, and include; Water, Glycerin, acrylates, dicocodimonium, chloride, steartrimonium bromide, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, gingko biloba extract, rosmarinus officinalis extract and butylene glycol.  We’ll cover those ingredients in a little more detail below.

Cure Gel ReviewsThe first ingredient, water, is a pretty common diluting agent in these kinds of exfoliating scrubs, as it allows the active agents to be diluted to the right levels for targeting dead skin cells.  Glycerin is another stabilizing ingredient that holds the other ingredients.  While we don’t know much about dico.. or steartrimonium , but we’re thinking that between the two of them, and the acrylates is where you’ll find the active exfoliating agent.  Whatever the agent is, it’s super effective, and it’s great if you’re trying to start with a clean slate after some skin damage.  If you want to learn more about the formula, click the banner at the bottom of the screen! 

Aqua Cure Benefits

  • Great Exfoliating Product
  • Best Seller In Japan
  • Highly Effective
  • Get Rid Of Dead, Dull Skin
  • Less Harsh Than Scrubs 

How To use Aqua Cure

Aqua Cure is a little different to use than your average exfoliating scrub.  First off, wash your face and dry completely.  Use 3-5 pumps of the formula and apply it onto the desired area.  Let it rest for a few minutes, then massage in a circular motion for around 30 seconds.  Then rinse well with water!

How To Order Aqua Cure

When you’re ready to order your bottle of Aqua Cure, just click the banner at the bottom of the screen.  From there you can get access to the best available price on Aqua Cure, and you can use the nice Amazon features like prime shipping and read reviews.  We definitely hope you check this one out!  Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember to check back for more up to date information, reviews, previews and special offers here at Eye Serum Review!

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