Daiso Mask

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Daiso MaskNEW: Daiso Charcoal Mask!

What’s the key to great skin?   Treating it well!  Well, I guess it’s a bit more complicated than that, but treating your skin well is a big part of it. But many of us fall into the daily cleanser/moisturizer rut, and forget to treat ourselves to a nice mask every once and a while.  If you’re looking for a mask that works great, and has a great, inexpensive price, the Daiso Mask is a great choice.  It has a truly one of a kind peel-off charcoal mask experience, and it leaves skin feeling not only clean, but smoothed and revitalized!  Interested?  Check it out by clicking the image above!

There’s a lot to like about the Daiso Mask, for one, it peels off all in one go.  This means that you get solid pore cleaning without aggravating your face with picking it off piece by piece.  2nd, it does a GREAT job of cleaning the pores.  While we’re not sure what the charcoal does for the skin, as we’ve typically seen it in cleansers where it works as a abrasive, but it definitely adds some color to the experience.  Add to that a reputation for deep cleaning action, and this is a great mask to have in your arsenal.  If you want to check out some prices, click the link below!

How Does The Daiso Mask Work?

 If you’ve used a peel off mask before, then you basically have the gist of how the Daiso Mask works.  We’ve seen a lot of people experiencing good success by using the mask as a preemptive acne treatment.  But we’ve also seen a lot of people using it for routine pore maintenance.  The thing that makes it most effective, however, is that it forms a rigid, grippy film that takes care of built-up gunk in pores with easy, as well as cleaning any surface grooves you may have.

Daiso Mask Reviews

The reviews for the Daiso Mask that we’ve been able to track down have been largely positive.  The only negative remarks we’ve seen have been that the tubes only have around 6 uses if you’re using the correct amount. In our eyes, though, that gives users a great, inexpensive way to try the product without much monetary commitment.  We think the mask works great, and gives results similar to higher priced peel masks.  Final word, if you’re looking for a stylish, effective mask, then definitely check this one out.

Daiso Mask Benefits:

  • Solid Reviews On Amazon
  • Great For Weekly or Bi-Monthly Use
  • Peels Off In One Piece
  • Cleans Pores, Softens Skin
  • Hugely Popular In Japan 


Shop The Daiso Mask Amazon Page!

  We’ve found the absolute best price for the Daiso Charcoal Mask on amazon, and we’ve linked to in in the banner below.  Not only that, you can also save a few dollars by buying two.  Since the tubes only have around 6 uses per tube, that’s not a bad idea.  It’s a great entry point into Asian skincare, and one that we’ll keep around for when we need some solid deep pore cleansing.  Thanks for reading, hope it was interesting or informative, or both!  If either or both, give us a like, favorite or share, and definitely stop back soon here at Eye Serum Review for the latest in skincare!

Daiso Mask Review