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epifresh reviewThe New Epicenter of Beauty!

Fresh feeling skin starts with a great skincare regime.  Right now we’re using a sunscreen and moisturizer every day, no matter what.  That helps to prevent damage across the board, which means you’ll (hopefully) have to worry less about treating aging problems until much later.  But now that we’re starting to show wrinkles and fine lines, we’re always looking for a way to instantly refresh and revitalize our skin beyond our day to day routine.  Epifresh is a great example of a product that fills that need perfectly.  It uses an elegantly simple formula to help improve skin from the inside, out.  

The Epifresh Moisturizing Face Cream formula proves to be immediately effective, with a substantial increase in collagen production, and  a decrease in the appearance of surface aging.  They’re not using anything too wild for this one, no gimmicky ingredients or anything like that.  In fact, they’re using a surprisingly small amount of ingredients, and they’re made up almost entirely of peptides, collagen, and botanical extracts.  So, judging by the critical reception so far, and the attention to effective anti-aging ingredients, we’re going to say that this one is a buy. You can learn more about how to buy, including prices and trial requirements by clicking the link below!

What Is Epifresh Anti Aging Cream?

Epifresh is a great example of a hybrid cream/serum.  While it’s billed as a moisturizing face cream, it absorbs quickly, and has such a light, delicate texture, that it’s more akin to serum in a lot of ways. Semantics aside, it’s great at one thing, moisturizing.  Beyond that, it excels at moisturizing deeply and quickly.  But there are a lot of products that claim to moisturize, and as long as the skin feels supple afterward, it can claim to have done its job.  But by adding in collagen (full chain, not partial chain) it’s able to do a little bit more than your typical moisturizer.  The collagen serves to help fill gaps in your collagen production, allowing for your production to catch up, and return to normal levels (at least in our understanding.)  

Epifresh Cream Benefits:

  • Instant, Deep Moisturizing
  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Decrease Appearance Of Surface Wrinkles
  • Great Addition To Any Skincare Plan
  • Works Great With Most Common Skin Types

Epifresh Moisturizing Cream Side Effects

We’ve heard of peptides giving some people with really really oily skin some issues, but if you’re here, and you probably don’t have that skin type.  Regardless, peptides have proven to be beneficial in a variety of ways, even for helping combat TEWL, or Transepidermal Water Loss.  The only other side effects we think you might run into are with the botanical extracts.  So when you use it for the first time, try the cream on a small patch of skin away from the face and neck.  If you notice any redness, or inflammation beyond the ordinary, stop use and return the product.

Epifresh Anti Aging Cream Trial Details  

While we don’t have time to discuss the Epi-Fresh trial details in their entirety, we can give you a brief breakdown of the highlights.  In essence, this one is similar to a lot of the trials you see, in that you get a “free” bottle for the cost of shipping.  Then you’ll receive a bottle monthly until you decide to cancel, or they run out of stock.  You can read up on those details, plus get a healthy serving of ingredient info, reviews, and before and after photos by clicking the banner below!  One of the best things about the cream that we haven’t discussed is that it works as a natural pair to a good Anti Aging Serum.  We like using Epifresh and Juvaplex, both of which you can check out by clicking the links below!



epifresh anti aging cream