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Etude House MaskNEW: Etude House “I Need You” Mask Set!

Are you looking to try out a bunch of great Korean masks for a unbelievably cheap price?  You’re in the right place.  Today we’ll be looking at the Etude House Mask collection.  This Korean Mask collection ranges from Aloe and Collagen, to Mango and Korean Strawberry.  The set comes with 20 masks, which are selected from a pool of 23 total mask types, including;  Silk Cocoon, Collagen , Hyaluronic Acid , Royal Jelly , Pearl , Green Tea , Lemon , Pomegranate , Tea Tree , Vita Complex , Olive , Coenzyme Q10 ,  Mango , Aloe ,Snail , Acai Berry , Bamboo , Rice , Honey, Damask Rose, Korean Strawberry, Mugwort , and Korean Ginseng.    Interested?  Check them out now by clicking the image above!

We’ve looked at a couple mask sets similar to Etude House Mask recently, including the The Face Shop’s Mask Set, as well as the Tony Moly Mask Set, both from Korea, and we have to say, these guys are really on to something.  Just having this crazy variety to choose from is great.  It reminds me of being a kid and picking out a kool-aid flavor.  The masks themselves are high quality, especially when you consider they’re just over a dollar a piece.  If you’re interested in checking some of these out, click the link below!


How Does the Etude House Mask Work?

As with any single use mask, you’ll be opening the package, then immediately applying it to cleaned and dried skin.  The Etude House Mask collection all vary in their aims, and vary from skin brightening, to skin hydration.  The only thing they all really have in common is that they hydrate the skin well.  A few of the masks, like the collagen mask, the hyaluronic acid mask, and the Coenzyme Q10 Mask are more on the clinical side, and aim to give more dramatic skin effects.  The other masks all generally focus on a natural ingredients, ranging from; Royal Jelly to Korean Strawberry.  These give a nice, refreshing scent that accompanies the deep hydration of the skin.

Etude House Mask Reviews

The reviews for the Etude House Mask Collection have been largely positive.  On Amazon right now they’re sitting at a 4.5/5 star rating with 189 reviews.  This is a great rating, and the positive comments far outweigh the negative comments.  The only negative comments we really saw were concerning the effectiveness of the masks.  Since these are single use masks, and you’re only getting one of each type, it’s hard to understand that complaint.  It’s really more of a way to try all the masks, and see if you like them before you buy a bunch of a single kind!  

Etude House Mask Benefits:

  • Great Selection Of Ingredients
  • Perfect Entry Point To Korean Masks
  • High Value For Price
  • Great For Weekly Use
  • Very Highly Rated Brand!

Shop The Etude House Mask Amazon Store!

The only place you can find a selection like this is on amazon.  We’ve went ahead and linked to the best price for the Etude Mask Set.  You can access that link by clicking the image below.  Definitely make sure to check out some similar products while you’re there.  We recommend, aside from the Etude House Mask collection, the Tony Moly Set and The Innisfree It’s Real set.  Thanks for reading the review, we hope you found it useful.  If you did, give us a like, share or favorite!  Make sure to check back here at Eye Serum Review for the latest in skincare!

Etude House Mask Review




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