Eye Actives

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Eye Actives SerumReduce Wrinkle Appearance FAST

What’s the biggest complaint women have about their appearance?  You would guess it would be about their bodies, but the most common complaint we’ve heard is…wrinkles.  We all get them, and we all hate them.  But what causes them?  Wrinkles are basically a visual representation of the damage our skin takes.  That comes from UV damage, behavioral issues, and even stress.  But there are ways to mitigate, and, to some extent, reverse this damage.  Eye Actives Serum is a good example of a product built to do just that.  With a formula that rejuvenates, smooths, and improves the look of your skin, this is a great serum to have at your disposal.

Eye Actives has somewhat of a reputation in the skincare community.  Why?  Because they’re not afraid of doing what it takes to get results.  While that may come with some exotic ingredient combinations, it never comes at the expense of the skin.  The serum, for example, is using 5 different proprietary ingredient blends, including; Argireline, Hydresia, Ceramide Complex CLRTM K,Matrixyl®3000  and DermalRxl®HydroSeal.  These combine to rejuvenate the skin, give increase elasticity, strength, and softness.  This is in addition to improvements in wrinkle depth and fine lines.  Interested in giving it a try yourself?  Click the button to get your trial serum today!


How Does Eye Actives Serum Work? 

Let’s get right to it, Eye Actives is a complicated serum.  That means looking at how it works on the whole is next to impossible.  It’s much easier to look at the ingredients that make it work, so we’ll do that.  The first ingredient in the formula, Argireline ® np, is more of an immediate effect ingredient.  It works to relax facial muscles much in the way that products like Botox do.  The next ingredient, Hydresia®SF2, is a production stimulant, meaning it works to increase collagen and elastin production by the fibroblasts. The last one we’ll talk about here (don’t worry, there’s more info on the next page) is DermalRxl®HydroSeal.  DermalRxl®HydroSeal is a highly active anti-wrinkle ingredient that helps to increase collagen production, increase its active lifespan, and increase its overall organization.  

Eye Actives Serum Benefits:

  • Great On Wrinkles
  • Soften, Smooth, Hydrate
  • Advanced Skincare Formula
  • Great For Anti-Aging
  • Great New Trial Program 

Eye Actives Serum Reviews

Reviews for the Eye Actives Serum have been good so far.  That’s not really a surprise to us.  From the marketing material, to the formula, to the product design, this one is the real deal.  People have really responded to this attention to detail.  But to be honest, they’ve mostly responded to the results.  With the ingredients the formula is using, it’s really no wonder.

Eye Actives Serum Trial

The trial for Eye Active Serum is a nice touch by the company.  Instead of selling the product at full price, and not releasing samples, they’ve decided to give people a chance to try it before they buy.  While you do have to pay for the shipping and handling charges, that’s all you’ll pay to try the first bottle.  If you like it, and decide to keep it, they’ll bill you.  There’s more to it, and more than we really have time to discuss.  But the trial is a good one, and one we think a lot of people will end up liking.  Ready to try it out?  Click the banner below to get started!

Recommended Pairing:
Our recommended paring for Eye Actives, should you decide to pick it up, is Livana Lift.  We think this combines the revitalizing effects of the serum, with the lifting and firming effects of Livana lift into something really special.  Interested in trying them both out?  Click the links below.

Try Eye Active Serum HERE!

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Eye Actives Serum Review