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FlashmudNEW: Glam Glow Flash Mud!

The newest thing out of Hollywood is…mud?  As weird as it sounds, it’s true. Glam Glow, california darling of the skin world has just come out with their star-powered FlashMud.  The “multi-brightening complex”, as they term it, works great to great bright, even luminous skin.  It uses two proprietary mixes they’re calling FlashLucent and White Nergy, which work to give intense, yet even results while exfoliating even the most stubborn build up.  This culminates in some truly incredible skin-building results.  Interested?  You can get in line right behind us by clicking the image above!

FlashMud defies what we typically expect from a “mud’ product.  In fact, when we think mud, we always think mask.  While this could be technically defined as a mask because you’re leaving it on for 20 minutes, it’s really more akin to a night cream, or brightening cream.  That’s not to say we don’t like it, quite the opposite in fact.  We really like this one for it’s ability to get great brightening, complexion boosting results, and get them reliably.  We’re not alone, either.  Hundreds of people across the world have already weighed in with their thoughts.  You can check those out by clicking the link below!

How Does FlashMud Work?

FlashMud works by giving the skin a set of fast acting exfoliating, brightening, and skin supporting ingredients in the amounts that achieve the most results.  With ingredients like Betula Alba Leaf Extract, as well as Jasmine Flower, Rose, and Lilium Candium Bulb Extract, you’re getting a great botanical set of ingredients.  Those ingredients are then supported by more clinically minded ingredients, like Salicylic Acid, which is known to provide great exfoliating benefits.  This dual effect approach is great for results, and great for your skin!  

Flashmud Reviews

Since Flash mud is a relatively new product, it’s hard to find a ton of reviews for it.  We’ve read through everything on amazon, and the reviews all point to a great texture, and great skin improvement.  The only negative review we’ve seen said it didn’t jive well with their skin types.  This can be the case, especially if you have REALLY sensitive skin.  But for the most part, people were happy with the strength of the treatment, and how it left their skin feeling and looking.  The only think we’ll add is that it can be viewed as a little pricey, especially when you’ll be using it every week.  But if you’re using this as a once in awhile skin refreshing treatment, it’s a great value.

Flashmud Benefits:

  • Great Brightening Effects
  • Great For Skin Texture
  • Heavy Duty Exfoliation
  • Great Brand Out Of California
  • Perfect For Weekly Use


Shop The Flashmud Amazon Store!

Ready to get Hollywood results for San Diego prices?  We’ve got you covered.  Click the banner below to get the best price for Flashmud available.  Be warned, it’s still in the luxury category.  But you really can’t get results like this for any cheaper.  Get reviews, pricing, shipping and more info by clicking the banner now!  That’s the end of our review, hope you found it helpful.  If you did, give us a like, share, or favorite, or just stop back for some more reviews and discounts here at Eye Serum Review! 

Glamglow Flashmud