Free Radicals – What Are They?

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Free RadicalsGet The Low Down On Your Aging Skin!

So you know your skin is bound to age at some point in your life. Hopefully though it doesn’t happen until you’ve reached you the later years in life! Did you know though that there are atoms and molecules that are natural byproducts called free radicals can actually speed up your process of aging? Yeah, I didn’t either until I read a recent article on what they actually were. Now, I’m hear to pass along the message of these pesky molecules that can end up doing more harm than good to your skin and what you can do to stop these things from getting worse!

As I just mentioned, a free radical (FR) is considered to be an atom or group of atoms that has an unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. An ROS or Reactive Oxygen Species are what are often referred to as the free radicals in out bodies. These, again, are often the byproduct of cell metabolism and are necessary for our bodies’ biological processes. But with ROS they do happen to come in excess which then causes a chain reaction by creating additional FRs. Now I know that that was probably a foreign language to you, but it get’s easier because I’ll go into detail about what types of FR’s there are that can be harmful to your skin.

What Are Some Types Of Free Radicals?

The biggest free radical of them all is something we encounter on a daily basis and that is sun exposure. The UV rays absorb energy from the molecules and are then split apart thus causing free radicals. This is why it’s highly important to block these UV rays by applying a protective coating of sunblock with nothing less than an SPF of 15.

Another big factor that effects about 42.1 million people everyday is smoking. Since the 70’s, this drug has been known to accelerate the aging process. Smoking can cause your skin to dry out leaving it to develop wrinkles and lines, cause it to look uneven in skin tone and can break blood vessels.

Now this next can be tough to control, but it’s not impossible and that’s having to deal with stress. This often can come from your job, school, family, finances, etc. There are so many reasons behind our stresses and it unfortunately plays a big part on our skin. It causes a response in your body that makes your skin become more sensitive and reactive. It causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones which then tells the sebaceous glands to produce more oil. Thus, ultimately causing your skin to be more prone to acne and other major skin problems.

Lastly, having an unhealthy diet of processed foods and Trans fat can be very damaging to your skin. Lots of salts and sugars can dehydrate your skin causing it to dry and flake, develop wrinkles and fine lines and even leave you with age spots at a young age. Try and find foods with several nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants so that your skin can re-balance itself and keep it healthy and youthful.

How Can You Stop Free Radicals From Effecting Your Skin?

Unfortunately, we can’t put a stop to these blend of atoms and molecules because they are naturally produce. However, you can stop them from effecting your skin anymore than they already have! When it comes to smoking and an unhealthy diet, it’s easier said than done to just avoid it all together. But if it helps you in any way these can cause damage not only to your skin, but to the rest of your body as well. There are many solutions to help you, its just being able to find the right one for you. Sun exposure is pretty unavoidable as well, so make sure you are using lotions, sunscreen, moisturizers, etc. that contain at least an SPF of 15 so that you’re creating a barrier of protection from UV rays. Lastly, stress is your biggest concern there are many ways to help reduce your stress. This can also be unavoidable, but suffering form stress and cause serious harm to your body.