GlamGlow Gravity Mud

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GlamGlow Gravity Mud ReviewNEW: Award Winning GlamGlow GravityMud!

Oh happy day!  We love when we get to review GlamGlow products, because, well, they’re great, and they make us feel famous.  Well, not famous, famous, but like B-list celeb famous.  But we’ll take what we can get.  The GlamGlow Gravity Mud sure helps us look the part, too.  It firms, it tones, it lifts.  It’s fantastic. Don’t believe us?  Check out some of the reviews, or even better, check the trophy shelf!  The Gravity Mud Firming Treatment just won the Spring Beauty Awards from Oprah Magazine, and we have a feeling there will be more to come.  Ready to see some prices?  Click the image above to get started!  

GlamGlow Gravity Mud uses ingredients that target the inner processes of the skin for intense firming, lifting, and skin restoration.  The mask itself is easy to use, and peels off neatly for a no mess, high result facial treatment.  It uses ingredients like the  TEAOXI™ blend of Marshmallow and Licorice Leaf, which give a great texture and smell. Add to that some other nice ingredients, like Canadian Colloidal Clay, several leaf extracts, and the above ingredients, and you get a high efficacy and safe skin care solution.  On top of that, the mask looks REALLY cool.  As it dries, it slowly turns from a balmy white to brilliant, shiny chrome.  Read some reviews, and check prices by clicking the link below!


How Does GlamGlow Gravity Mud Work?

GlamGlow Gravity Mud works much like any peel mask.  It removes dirt and grime that has been embedded in the pores.  But it’s unlike other peel masks because it gives boosts in shape, tone, and it helps to give an overall firming effect.  These effects are made possible by the TEAOXI™ proprietary blend.  This blend combine both Marshmallow, Licorice Leaf, and others to deliver skin that both looks and feels firmer.  It also uses Vizitight, which gives tighter looking skin.  Add to that their patented “lunarlift” and “cosmiplexion” and you get younger, more resilient skin!  

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Reviews

Aside from it’s coverage in the media, namely magazines like O, Oprah’s flagship lifestyle magazine, GlamGlow Gravity Mud has seen very favorable coverage from the internet community.  Popular youtubers and bloggers that we follow daily have all shown their faces (in chrome!) and have had only positive things to say.  As for the general populace, they seem to be pretty impressed as well.  As we speak, the rating on Amazon is a perfect 5/5, with people pointing to a fun, easy-to-use, and effective experience.  

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Benefits:

  • GREAT Skincare Company
  • Winner, 2016 Spring Beauty
  • Highly Rated Product
  • Great Firming, Toning, Tightening
  • Great Blend Of Ingredients

Shop The GlamGlow Gravity Mud Amazon Store!

Want the best price for GlamGlow GravityMud?  We’ve got your back.  Click the banner below to access that price, plus get access to some reviews to check out before you buy!  We really like this mask, and think it’s definitely going to see plenty of coverage in “Best of 2016” lists.  If you’re looking for something similar, but not quite as expensive, check out the related products by clicking the banner below as well!  Thanks for reading our review, we hope you found it helpful!  If you did, please give us a like, share, or favorite, and remember to stop back soon for the latest in skincare from Eye Serum Review!

GlamGlow Gravity Mud Reviews



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