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Glycolic Scrub ReviewNEW:  Glycolic Facial Scrub Review!

If you’ve been reading our site lately, then you know we’ve been covering a lot of emerging products lately, and one that we’ve had our eye on is the series of Glycolic products that are hitting the market.  They’re typically in the form of an exfoliating scrub, but really, they’re more similar (in theory) to chemical peels.  But we’ve recently found a Glycolic Scrub that we really like for it’s best of both worlds approach, that uses a mild glycolic acid concentration (2.5%) and some nice, soothing herbal ingredients, to deliver some great skin results.  If you want to learn more, or you’re just ready to start reading reviews and shopping prices, click the “shop now” button on the image above.

When we’re looking for a Glycolic Scrub we look for a few different things, but mainly we’re looking for one that doesn’t damage the skin, and that includes great supporting ingredients.  What we liked most about this Glycolic Scrub in particular was its ability to stimulate regeneration without causing damage.  That might be from the lower glycolic acid content (2.5%) but it might also be from the nice plant extracts they include; like Aloe, Lavender, Coconut, and Cucumber.  There are also a ton of nice oils as well, which we’ll detail below.  This one comes heavily recommended, so make sure to check it out.  Click the link below to start comparing prices!


How Does A Glycolic Scrub Work?

Glycolic Scrubs are a relatively new addition to the American market, so we’re still learning a lot about these new hybrid scrubs, but what we do know is that they are really tough to nail.  But when a company gets them right, they really work great.  While it might take a bit of playing around to find one that fits your skin type exactly, we lucked out and found a Glycolic Scrub that worked perfect for our moderate skin type.  The Cosmedica Skincare team has really nailed this one.  They use a 2.5% concentration of Glycolic Acid, which comes in a bit lower than many company’s scrubs, but we like that.  Better yet, they use a blend of herbs that help to treat the skin as its being stimulated, leading to less overall damage.

Glycolic Scrub Reviews

A glycolic scrub, generally, is a middle point between an exfoliating agent, and an acid peel.  Don’t get scared by the latter, it’s just for reference, because this one doesn’t make  you peel, but it still helps to get rid of dead skin cells that are mucking up the works.  A few other things we like about this one, Aloe Vera leaf juice is the second ingredient, only following the organic herbal infusion, so this one is mostly herbal.  It also has an ingredient that we’ve been seeing more and more lately, Kojic Acid.  This rice wine byproduct is a great brightener, and will help to even your skin tone.

Cosmedica Glycolic Scrub Benefits

  • Gently Regenerate Skin
  • Gently Stimulate Renewal
  • Skin Brightening Ingredients
  • Nice, Natural Ingredients
  • Trusted Company Name

How To Use Cosmedica Glycolic Scrub

When you’re ready to start using your Glycolic Scrub, it’s important to remember a few key things.  After using your skin will be more sensitive for a time, so it’s best to use it before bed.  Remember to apply sunscreen in the morning as well, as your skin will be briefly more susceptible to damage.

How To Order Cosmedica Glycolic Scrub

When you’re ready to order, head to the banner below and click the shop now button.  We’ve linked the cheapest available option to save you some time.  While you’re there, make sure to read some reviews before you buy, it’s always nice to have a second opinion!  Thanks for reading, and remember to like, share and favorite!  Don’t forget to check out the Glycolic Scrub we linked!

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