How To Prevent Aging

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Prevent AgingLearn How To Save Your Skin!

As everyone knows, when we get older our body goes through the natural process of aging. Some may experience it earlier than others, but that’s because we causes that problem on ourselves. This article will show you how to prevent aging from happening on your skin and have you keeping a youthful and vibrant complexion the older and older you get! Although we wish we could completely stop our bodies from wanting to age, we simply just can’t do so. However, there are several ways to delay the process of aging on our skin and keeping it healthier longer!

Aging simply reflects all the changes that occur over the course of our lives. Its the process of getting older. It just can’t get anymore complex than that. Unfortunately though certain things we do or expose ourselves too can lead to premature aging and we just down right do not want to put our bodies through that! These are what the beauty industry like to call “free radicals”. Free radicals are formed when weak bonds break. Bonds connect the atoms that make up molecules. And cells, inside and out of the body, are made of different molecules. Damage usually occurs when important cellular components like DNA or the cell membrane react with the free radicals. When cells contained damaged DNA they are not able to reproduce and communicate as effectively. It’s important to do everything you can to prevent aging in your skin because we all know we want you look your age!

What Are Some Ways To Prevent Aging?

There are some useful, effective and simple ways to prevent aging. Sometimes you could be over thinking it more than you think when it comes to keep your skin as youthful and healthy as possible. Here are some simple ways to easily keep our skin looking and feeling healthier for longer periods of time:

  1. Low Ticketed Lotions. Any emollient that you use will not only temporarily plump up fine lines, but also prevent skin aging. The key here is keeping your skin moisturized. It has been found that any daily lotion containing glycerin, shea butter or another basic hydrator allows your skin to repair itself much more effectively. It can also increase its mobility, making repetitive smiles and squints less punishing to the face.
  2. Don’t Stress Over A Work Out. The most overlooked gym-induced strain hits us about the shoulders.
  3. Protection From Sun Exposure. Many people tend to forget that UVB and UVA rays travel through windows in the office, home and car. Important studies have shown that UVA is carcinogenic and induces the grayish, yellow-ish cast on older peoples skin.
  4. Feeling The Burn From Other Than The Sun. Don’t just avoid the sun, protect your skin from the space heater next to your desk or the fireplace in your living room. Direct exposure from two or three feet away causes redness and a breakdown of collagen.
  5. Avoid Fillers. More and more women each day are discovering the “benefits” of using fillers. The consequences on the other hand, is that many patients get carried away. Their faces become dwarfed by their protuberant cheeks.
  6. Avoid Botox. Just a few small units of this injectable may make some women appear jowly.
  7. Stop Drinking With Bottles Or Straws. The constant pursing creates lines and aggravates existing ones around the mouth. Sip filtered water from a wide-mouth glass.
  8. Get Your Sleep. The best way to avoid sleep lines is to sleep on your back. You could also make the decision to buy smoother pillowcases, such as satin or silk.