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Idealia EyesVeni Veni VICHY!

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wave a want, and POOF, no more wrinkles?  Unfortunately for us, there is nothing so easy.  But the folks at Vichy Laboratoires have the next best thing.  Vichy Laboratoires Idealia Eyes and Idealia Life Serum have shown a dramatic ability to transform problem skin.  In fact, in a 28 day clinical study, people saw a 21.4% decrease in dark circles, a 25.9% reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, and a 23.4% reduction in fatigued skin.  And that’s just for the Idealia Eyes!  With the kit we’re featuring above, you get both the Idealia Life Serum, AND Idealia Eyes.  If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click the image above!

When you’re looking for a serum, what do you look for?  If you’re us, you’re looking for a serum that doesn’t necessarily do everything, but does what it does well.  That’s not too much to ask.  In the case of the Idealia line from Vichy, you’re getting exactly that.  The life serum reinvigorates skin, giving increases in smoothness, pigmentation reduction and fatigue line fighting.  The Idealia Eyes, on the other hand, gives eye centered effects.  We’ll cover those more in depth later, but for now know that this kit is a great entry point for Idealia, and an even better introduction to Vichy in general.  Click the link below to check it out!

How Does Idealia Eyes Work?

If you’ve ever used an eye serum, you probably know the drill.  They’re typically applied the same way, and are advertised to give the same, approximate results.  But that’s where the similarities between Idealia and other eye serums stop.  That’s because the Idealia Eyes serum from Vichy makes claims, then backs it up with results.  Those results include a 23.4% visble reduction in signs of fatigue, a 25.9% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and a 21.4% reduction in the appearance of dark circles.  And that’s in only 4 weeks!  Plus, you’re getting both Idealia Eyes and Idealia Life Serum in this pack, so you’ll be getting visible improvement in smoothness, pigmentation  and fatigue lines.
Idealia Eyes Reviews

Idealia Eyes Reviews

We’ve seen a lot of reviews for Idealia Eyes on facebook, amazon, and other places around the web.  They’ve been largely positive, with the only complaints about the serum being about the price.  We can understand that concern, and that’s why we’re talking about the combo, that gives both the Idealia Eyes and Idealia Life Serum for only $60.  That’s with free shipping, too.  It’s a great entry point to the Vichy Idealia Collection, and one that we’ll be recommending more and more as the price goes down.  Of course, if the price is too high, definitely check out the products in the similar products tab on amazon, or in the ad below!  

Idealia Eyes Benefits:

  • Great Value Pack
  • Includes Both Idealia Eyes AND Idealia Serum
  • Great Results From Both Products
  • Fight Fatigue Lines
  • Fight Back Against Wrinkles

Shop The Idealia Eyes Amazon Store!

If you’re ready to get one of the best anti-aging kits on the market for the price, click the banner below to order your Vichy Lifeproof Skin Care Gift Set.  It makes a great gift, and an even better gift for yourself.  Plus it comes in a cute little box, ce bon!  Thanks for reading our review, and hope you learned something. If so, make sure to give us a like or share up top.  We need all the help we can get!

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