Idol Lash

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idol-lash-serumLonger, Fuller Eyelashes Made Simple!

Did you know that overtime mascara can cause your eyelashes to fall out more frequently? The hair root just can’t the weight of mascara day after day. This causes two different things to happen. First, the eyelash won’t be able to grow long anymore. Instead, the eyelash becomes brittle and breaks off. Second, mascara can cause the eyelash to fall out from the root, due to insufficient nourishment. Just like we need condition for our hair, we need conditioner for our eye lashes. Idol Lash gives our eyelashes the condition and moisture they need to grow long and strong. Just click the image to learn more!

Aging causes our eyelash and eyebrow hairs to lighten over time. Also the hair follicle begins to have trouble regenerating after the age of 30. Many women resort to applying make-up day after day, or they look into more permanent options that just end up looking fake. Instead of damaging and time-consuming mascara or dangerous eye line tattooing, Idol Lash can give you the length and density you want, while nourishing your lashes over time. Using a proprietary blend of all natural, organic ingredients Idol Lash is clinically proven to work safely and effectively. Click the button below for more information today!

How Does Idol Lash Work?

The creators of Idol Lash actually held a study of 24 to 82 year olds that showed an increase of eyelash density of up to 82% in just 2 to 4 weeks! Using the innovate Sigma Scan Software, they also measured an increase of length of up to 25%. So how does it work so well? Idol Lash is packed full of nourishing and anti-aging ingredients, as well as ingredients that are known the improve the health of skin, nails, and….hair! Simply remove any makeup with a gentle cleanser. When dry, apply Idol Lash to the bases of your eyelashes using the eyeliner-like applicator. Then, go about your day or night, and allow the formula to do its work!

Idol Lash Benefits:

  • Increases Length of Eyelashes
  • Improves Density And Fullness
  • Reduces Breakage
  • Works On Eyebrows Too!
  • All Natural Ingredients

Idol Lash Ingredients

As I’ve already stated above, we love the all natural ingredients in Idol Lash. Without the use of harmful chemicals, you know your eyelashes are getting the nutrition they need to grow long and strong. Some of our favorites to mention:

Keratin – Keratin has been showing up in hair products like crazy lately. It keeps your hair strong and elastic, leaving it healthy and shiny.

Honey Extract – Honey has a lot of wonderful properties that keep your hair and skin healthy. It was even used by Cleopatra in her cosmetics.

Chamomile Extract – Chamomile is known to have soothing properties for the skin and hair. But it also reduces inflammation, which is very beneficial for the hair follicle.

Where To Buy Idol Lash

Because Idol EyeLash Enhancer is so new to the skincare market, supply is very limited. And with demand rising, they can’t guarantee they’ll have the inventory. And as such, if you’ve be craving longer, fuller lashes, I’d sign up now. The creators want to keep prices low, so they’re offering a trial period to try out Idol Lash. Just click the banner below and sign up now!


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