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Kojie San Soap ManTrusted Skin Lightening

Kojie San Soap is something you probably haven’t heard of, but it’s something you definitely should know about!  That’s especially true if you’re using costly measures to try and lighten discolored or blotchy skin.  Kojie San uses an age old Japanese skin lightening technique first employed by the geisha that uses Kojic Acid, a byproduct that is made when producing rice wine.  The effect that Kojic Acid has on the skin is remarkable, as it helps to prevent melanin production.  Melanin of course is the part of your skin that controls its darkness or lightness.  If you’re looking for a strong, effective way to combat dark blotchy areas of your skin, like around your swimsuit line, neck, jawline, or even the face, then this is the most cost effective way to lighten your skin.  Click the image above to compare prices and order!

Kojie San Soap is capable of taming freckles, acne, stretch marks dark spots, and even uneven skin and skin disorders.  That’s because of bleaching the skin like other products, it actively breaks down the production of melanin, so when the skin repairs itself, it doesn’t produce the material that makes your skin darker, melanin.  Many of us have moles, and not the Marilyn Monroe kind, or other dark, uneven blotches of skin that prove to be embarrassing when we get into our swimsuits and dresses. While other products superficially bleach the outermost layer of the skin, the results are only temporary.  With Kojie San Soap, you get a lasting effect that requires less upkeep.  If you’re ready to read reviews, browse prices, or even look at other Kojic Acid products, then click the button below to start shopping!

How Does Kojie San Soap Work?

The active agent in Kojie San Soap, as we discussed above, is Kojic Acid.  Kojic Acid, otherwise known as Koji in Japan, is a chelation agent that forms during the fermentation phase of rice malting.  In other words, it’s formed while making Saki.  So it’s no wonder that resourceful geisha began using the product on their skin.  It’s pretty well known that lighter skin, at least in Japan, is viewed as the ideal.  So it leaves many women scratching their heads when they are trying to figure out ways to appear more attractive.  The solution that Kojic Acid products, and Kojie San Soap, provide is one that is more than just bleaching the surface.  Instead of bleaching the surface of the skin, which can cause irreversible damage by the way, Kojic Acid interferes with the production of melanin.

Kojie San Soap Middle

By interfering with the production of melanin, your skin gradually grows lighter, leading to a more even skin tone that blends from dark to light, rather than the abrupt edges that we’re used to.  The only downside of Kojic Acid, is that it’s so effective at changing the chemistry your skin, that you need to make sure to invest in a high quality moisturizer/sunscreen to help protect it during the healing phase.  Kojie San recommends their soap, but we’ve had equal success with other heavy duty facial moisturizers.  We do recommend that you avoid sunlight as much as possible during the early application process.

Benefits Of Kojie San Soap

  • Highest Koji Concentration
  • Natural Skin Lightening
  • Age Old Whitening
  • Secret Of The Geisha
  • Helps Even Skin Tone

How To Use Kojie San Soap

Kojie San Soap is really effective, as such, when you’re starting out, it’s best to ease into the process.  That means not applying the soap directly to the skin, instead lathering then applying.  As your skin gets more used to the effects, you’ll be able to increase the intensity and frequency of application.  

How To Order Kojie San Soap

The best prices we’ve been able to find on Kojie San Soap have been on Amazon.  We’ve linked the single bar, but they also have multiple bar packages available.  We chose this product to review because it’s the most trusted, so take other Kojic Acid products with a grain of salt.  If you’re ready to shop prices and order, then click the banner below!

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