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lash excel reviewNEW: Lash Excel Eyelash Growth Serum!

Sometimes all the eye liner in the world can’t save you.  That’s typically when we resort to using fake eyelashes.  But that process is awkward, difficult, and can even further damage the follicle production of your eyelashes.  So when we see a product that is designed to naturally increase eyelash production, we’re already halfway sold.  Lash Excel is billed as a way to “permanently grow longer, thicker and stronger eyelashes”.  It’s made up of a set of ingredients ranging from vitamins and oils, to cellulose.  The result?  And explosion in lash production, health, and look.

Reviewer after reviewer we read confirmed our suspicion that this one is the real deal.  But the thing people most appreciated was that it wasn’t using chemicals like some “growth accelerators”.  It uses primarily natural ingredients, ranging from essential oils, to vitamins, which prove to be doubly effective at both nourishing existing lashes, and for growing new one.  Even those of you with just plain short eyelashes will see results.  Users have reported drastic length and shape increases in a really short time frame.  But we don’t want to gush over this one for too long, we have a whole review to cover!  But if you’re in a hurry, you can skip the review and check prices on Lash Excel by clicking the banner below!

How Does Lash Excel Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

There are a ton of reasons that we can lose follicle strength, abundance, and even growth.  For some of us, it’s genetic.  For others, it’s a combination of chemical-rich eyeliners and makeup, and for others, it’s the constant stress of glue-on fake eyelashes.  When you add up these constant irritations, a lot of us are lucky to have any eyelashes left at all!  Sure there are ways to cover it up, and spruce up what you’ve got, but if you don’t have much to work with, those returns get worse and worse.  But instead of “sprucing” up your eyelashes, Lash Excel goes directly to the heart of the problem.  It works to increase growth, length, vitality and shape of your eyelashes.  We’ll discuss the ingredients it’s using below the break.

Lash Excel Serum Benefits:

  • Great, Natural Ingredients
  • Supports Growth, Health
  • Helps Support Repair
  • Soothes Damaged Lashes
  • Fast, Reliable, Safe

Lash Excel Ingredients

A lot of the ingredients we’re seeing in Lash Excel, we’ve seen before in hair growth serums.  But it does have a few key differences.  First, it doesn’t contain the chemicals that you would typically find in other hair growth formulas.  While it doesn’t provide the instant volumizing effects that some growth formulas offer, it’s also a lot more gentle, making it more safe for around the eyes.  Additionally, it has good support ingredients for calming down this sensitive area.  One of those ingredients, Benzalkonium, is a great soothing ingredient, protecting against dry and damaged skin.

Lash Excel Trial Information

The trial for LashExcel is a bit tricky, so be sure to pay close attention to the details when you make your decision.  Basically, you’re given a bottle to try, for which you pay shipping.  If you like it, or don’t cancel within the trial period, they’ll charge you for the bottle.  There’s more to it, of course, so be sure to read up before you sign up.  Get trial details, including price, trial period, and shipping options, by clicking the banner below!

lash excel price

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