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Livana Lift TrialNew | Lívana Lift Cream

Suffering from the signs of premature aging?  Suffer no longer with the revolutionary new Livana Lift.  Livana, known for their advanced knowledge of skin aging, have developed a cream that targets the three main areas of aging; repeated facial expressions, lifestyle, stress and toxins, and uv and sun damage.  The results are great, but even better, the formula used to get them is so advanced that it rivals top skincare companies.  Featuring ingredients like argireline, lipogard, Glucare, Pentavitin and trylagen PCB, Livana has truly revolutionized the anti-aging game.  There’s a lot to like about Livana Lift, but for a limited time, it’s easier than ever to try it out.  

How?  The Livana Lift Trial Program.  This program offers users, or at least qualified users, a change to try out the product at home.  The catch?  Users have to pay a $5 shipping and handling fee.  There’s a bit more to it, of course, but the gist is that you pay $5 to try the cream before you buy.   It’s a great product to try, or buy, so we think the trial is going to be a huge success.  Ready to see how Livana Lift works with your skin?  Click the button below to order your trial!

How Does Livana Lift Work?

Livana Lift Cream is a great example of a cutting edge skincare product.  It features 5 of the top anti-aging ingredients in skincare, Argireline, Lipogard, Pentavitin, trylagen PCB, and GluCare.  These, on their own, are great ingredients.  But combined into one fast-absorbing formula?  They’re a game-changer.  

ArgirelineArgireline is a hexapeptide that works to target wrinkle formation in a similar way to Botulinum Toxin.  

Lipogard – Lipogard works to protect the lipid barrier, which helps prevent stress and damage to the skin

Pentavitin – Pentavitin binds to Keratin in the skin to help increase moisture levels in the dermal layers.

trylagen PCB – Trylagen is a great source of peptides and proteins that work to promote and maintain proper moisture levels in the skin.

Livana Lift Benefits: 

  • Great For Daily Use
  • Cutting Edge Ingredients
  • Total Skin Rejuvenation
  • Great For Wrinkles, Fine Lines
  • Amazing New Trial Program!

Livana Lift Reviews

Livana Lift has turned some heads in the industry already.  And that’s saying something considering how recently its been made available to the public.  That said, a lot of the reviews we’ve seen have come from unscrupulous marketers.  That can make it pretty hard to determine what’s what, so if you’re looking at other reviews, take them with a grain of salt. Reviews from the marketing material are positive (no surprises there), and focus mostly on wrinkle results.  We recommend waiting a while if you’re looking for real user reviews.  But no guarantees on the product being available if you wait too long.

Livana Lift Trial Program

Lívana Lift has made a great move in letting people try out their product.  The product ships to you for around $5, which is a huge discount off the manufacturer recommended price.  But be sure to pay full attention to what’s going on with the trial details before you sign up.  We’ve seen a few cases of “surprises” that should never have been surprises if the person had read the trial info like they were supposed to.  To read the full trial information, plus read up on the full product information and featured reviews, click the banner below!

Livana Lift Review