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lorevere whitening creamLove Your Skin!

Lorevere Advanced Skin Whitening Cream, while not sensibly titled, has already found a steady place in our skincare rotation.  While we would much rather see it called a brightening cream, because it’s not technically making the skin whiter.  What it is doing is effectively blending harsh lines between skin discolorations.  Think dark spots, age spots or blemishes, not skin bleaching.  This helps to smooth and blend your skin tone for a beautiful, single tone appearance.  In our review we’re going to be looking at how the product works, what it’s using in the formula, then cover user reviews, pricing and the trial program.

Lorevere Advanced Skin Cream borrows heavily from South Korean and Japanese skincare products.  These creams, while initially designed to effectively bleach the skin, found heavy use in the united states for a completely different reason.  When used sparingly and in the right amounts, Lorevere is able to effectively blend skin trouble spots for a more even skin appearance and tone.  This is extremely helpful, especially because users have to use less makeup to blend these areas.  Think about all the time and money you spend covering up your dark circle or blemish transitions, and start thinking about changing the actual look of your skin.  If this sounds like something you’re interested in, for a limited time you can try Lorevere via the new Lorevere trial program. Ready to get started?  Click the button below! 

How Does Lorevere Cream Work? 

Using a combination of skin support ingredients like peptides and collagen, combined with a mild acidic liquid, Lorevere works by brightening the appearance of irregular skin areas.  That means that basically it’s blending the skin from darker, more pigmented areas as they transition into your natural skin tone.  The result is a less pronounced transitional area, and a smoother, more flawless looking appearance.

Lorevere Advanced Skin Whitening Cream Benefits:

  • Get That Flawless Skin Look
  • Great For Dark Spots
  • Works Well On Blemishes
  • Get Smooth, Flawless Skin
  • Great New Trial Program

Lorevere Skin Cream Reviews

So, what’s the word around the internet on Lorevere?  Turns out that despite the poorly thought out name for a US release, they’re already receiving some good reviews.  While you won’t find anybody shouting the name from the mountain top, the anonymity of the internet has given people an avenue to express their opinions on it without the judgement.  Those opinions seem to show a product that works well, and works quickly.  While we did see a few people that commented on how sensitive their skin was afterward, that’s common with most brightening products.  We definitely recommend you all avoid the sun after use, and if you have to go out, be sure to wear a heavy-duty sunscreen and hat. 

Lorevere Cream Trial Program

The new Loreveré Trial program has just launched, and people in the US are pretty excited about it.  The trial is unique in that it offers a full-sized bottle to try before you buy.  While the trial period is short, you definitely have time to feel the effects of the cream.  It’s a nice way to get a feel for the product, and see if it responds well with your skin before buying at full price.  Interested in getting your sample bottle?  Click the banner below to order your Lorevere Cream today!

lorevere advanced skin whitening cream