Lovera Serum

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lovera serum reviewNew | Lovera Skin Serum Review!

Today we’ll be looking at an exciting newcomer to the skincare niche, the Lovera Serum.  This is the debut product from Lovera, but it’s already gaining a sterling reputation for its effective, yet simple serum. Using a proprietary formula centered on deep hydrating products like peptides, Almond Oil, and others, it’s a great, instantaneous moisturizer and anti-aging serum all in one.  In our review we’ll be looking at how the serum works, which ingredients we like, the ones we don’t, and give you our honest opinion on whether or not you should try this product, or skip it altogether.

Try it!  Wait, you thought we were going to make you wait?  That wouldn’t have been very nice.  Time is too short in this world, as you probably know by now.  Don’t waste time reading reviews when you can be busy getting a serum that helps your skin.  And, judging by reviews for Lovera Serum, and our experience with the product, this is going to be one that helps a lot of people!  If you’re interested in seeing prices, or information on the new trial program, click the button below to get started today!

How Does Lovera Serum Work?

Lovera Serum is one of the few recent releases that was kind enough to give us a full ingredient list before we ordered.  While we’re not saying that we’re giving them a positive review just because of that, it’s definitely helping.  Especially when we can see ingredients that we like in the formula.  It’s a water based formula, which tells you a few things right away.  One, it’s not going to be overly oily.  Two, it’s going to use a few ingredients that we don’t like.  Glycerin, and another derivative.  But they’re not too counter to our tastes, especially when they make up for it with a nice blend of peptides and botanical ingredients.  Those ingredients combine to give some really nice benefits, which include anti-aging and really nice moisturizing effects.

Lovera Serum Benefits:

  • Great Hydrating Ingredients
  • Nice Peptide Blend
  • Good Botanical Ingredients
  • Great Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Works Well With All Skin Types

Lovera Serum Ingredients

There are a few other ingredients we wanted to talk about quick, so here we go!   The first are  the peptides we mentioned earlier, which take the form of Hexapeptide-8, Tripeptide-10, and Tripeptide-1.  These are three we’ve seen in a lot of successful products, and we definitely like seeing them here.  There’s a ton of literature out there on how effective Lovera is, like this study.  The last few ingredients we wanted to give a shout out to (WHAT’S UP GINSENG?) are Avocado, Carrot and Cucumber Extract.  These little buddies give some nice antioxidants and skin support proteins to get your skin feeling real nice.

Lovera Serum Price

With how forthcoming Lovera has been about the ingredients in the serum, it’s a shame that they’ve decided to gloss over the price!  Maybe it’s because they change the price regularly.  Who knows, but right now the only way to see the current price is by going to the buy page.  So if you’re interested in seeing prices, you can click the banner below to head there now!

lovera serum trial