LumaRx IPL

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LumaRx IPLPut An End To Problem Facial Hair!

LumaRx IPL is the safest, most dependable way to get rid of problem facial hair, period.  This at home hair treatment device is perfect for getting rid of those pesky hairs that come back wax after wax.  It’s not just for use on the face, either.  The LumaRx IPL device is able to treat problem spots in all areas on the body.  Be forewarned, however, this one is only suitable for people with darker hair shades.  If you want to see the details, click the image to the left!

LumaRx IPL is a bit of a unicorn in the industry.  What does that mean?  It means that it gets the results it promises, and gets them safely, and permanently.  While the price tag might come as a bit of sticker shock for some of you, let me remind you that sessions at your local beauty studio will cost that and more just for a couple of sessions that might not even get all the problem areas you’re looking to treat!  Plus, when you do hair treatments at home, you don’t have to go out to get hair treatments, which can be pretty embarrasing.  Trust me.  Check out the LumaRx IPL Skin Beauty System by clicking the link below!

How Does LumaRx IPL Work?

LumaRx IPL operates a lot like industrial forms of the same product.  It uses lasers to safely, and permanently disable the subcutaneous tissue responsible for follicle production.  It’s suitable for use all over the body, including areas large and small, even facial hair.  It’s FDA approved as well, meaning that when you use it properly it’s very safe.  The product itself is designed for specific skin colors and hair colors, so make sure to check out the guidelines before you buy.  It’s really effective on black brown and dark blond hairs, but less effective on light blond, red, or white/gray hair.  It’s not recommend for use on darker skin tones.

LunaRx IPL Reviews

How To Use LumaRx IPL

It’s pretty easy to use the LumaRx IPL.  Simply prep the area you plan on treating by shaving and fully cleaning the skin.  Then, use the skin tone tester to make sure the area you’re using it on is suitable for treatment.  Then, select the applicable energy level, thne treat the skin by activating the device, and moving it in a grid-like pattern.  For best results, LumaRx recommends three treatments per area within four weeks.  Afterward, use touch up treatments to treat any stragglers.  When you use LumaRx it shouldn’t feel painful, with users reporting only a slight warm, tingling sensation, or a light slapping feeling like a rubber band.

LumaRx IPL Benefits

  • At Home Hair Removal Treatment!
  • Great For Bikini Lines
  • Great For Facial Hair
  • Great For Leg Treatments
  • Easy To Use, Safe

LumaRx IPL Best Prices

If you’re looking for the cheapest price on Luma Rx IPL, look no further.  The best price we’ve been able to find anywhere, that isn’t a high interest scam, is on amazon.  Click the banner below to check the price.  Be warned, these kind of clinical results don’t exactly come cheap.  But, when you consider the time you’ll save waxing, shaving, or the money you’ll save by not going to get it done professionally, you”ll see that the price isn’t so bad after all.  Plus, there’s no price too great for beauty!  Click the banner below to order today!

LumaRx IPL Hair Remover