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LumaRxNEW: Facial Cleaning Brush From Luma Rx!

LumaRx has just come out with their newest invention, a cutting edge facial cleaning brush.  This brush is impressing everyone in the skincare community for it’s ability to handle all skin types, and give dependable performance for makeup removal, and for treating skin with excess oil.  It comes with three brushes, one for normal skin, one for sensitive skin, and a massaging brush that works to breathe life back into the skin.  We’ve linked to it in the image to the left if you want to check it out now!

LumaRx has a whole range of products, but few are as affordable as this entry.  But their focus on creating dependable and long lasting products hasn’t changed in the slightest.  With a lot of facial brushes you get a non-rechargeable device that has a short battery life, and only the one attachment.  This makes makeup removal fairly difficult, as it turns out basically scratching the makeup on your face into your skin.  With the LumaRx Facial Cleansing Brush, you get a variety of strengths, allowing to fine tune the performance of the brush to suit your needs.  This one is used by a ton of professionals, and one we definitely recommend you check out!  Click the link below to check prices!

How Does The LumaRx Brush Work?

LumaRx has a full line of items, but they all circle around personal care.  That focus for dependable, personal care products, has brought them a lot of customers, and kept a lot of them, too.  We have another post going up in a minute about the LumaRx IPL, which is an in home permanent hair removal treatment, and we really liked that one.  But as to the LumaRx Facial Brush, it works similarly to a lot of facial brushes, with a few caveats.  First, it’s rechargeable, coming with a nice mounting cradle for easy access.  The brush heads are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and replacement should they wear out.  Replacements are pretty cheap, too.  The brushes work to gently clean your face of makeup and oil, and are meant to be used wet.  

LumaRx ReviewsLumaRx Effects

As with most facial brushes, you’ll be getting a cleaning effect from it’s bristles.  That’s about where the similarities end, however.  The LumaRx uses a unique motion and replaceable brushes to get you the exact level of friction you want on your skin.  The machine has a feature that we really like, in that if you’re putting too much pressure on your skin, the brush head will stop and the machine will turn off.  This prevents you from damaging your skin.  But don’t worry, it still get’s plenty of action on the surface, removing makeup, even oil based makeup, with relative ease.

LumaRx Benefits

  • Dependable, Long Lasting Product
  • Easy To Use
  • Space Saving Design
  • Multiple Brush Heads
  • Great For Sensitive Skin 

 Buy LumaRx Today!

When you’re ready to order one of the most dependable, long lasting, and effective facial cleanser brushes on the market, click the banner below to order LumaRx Facial Cleansing Brush.  This one is a real winner, and one we’ll recommend to just about anyone who will listen.  So, thanks for listening, we definitely recommend this one!  Click the banner to check prices, reviews other than this one, and see shipping options!  Thanks for reading, check back here at Eye Serum Review for more up to date reviews, previews and special offers!

LumaRx Brush