Lumella Eye Serum

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Lumella Eye Serum ReviewNEW: Lumella Intensive Eye Serum Review! 

Today we’re looking at Lumella Eye Serum.  Lumella seems to be biting off more they can chew with this one, as they’re claiming that the serum can help reduce wrinkles, increase nourishment, remove puffiness and increase hydration.  But, compared to a lot of serums we’ve been seeing lately, those claims don’t seem too outlandish.  A look at the ingredient label also gives those claims some credence, with a nice list of antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients. We’ll hold off our final judgement until the end of review.  Along the way we’ll be covering everything you need to know, like price, ingredients, side effects, and trial program information.

Lumella Eye Serum starts with an attractive, light and heat resistant packaging.  That’s a good start for a serum, and allows the ingredients to be preserved far longer than in clear glass.  The spray nozzle is good as well, as it avoids the common dribbling problem that a lot of serums nozzles seem to run into.  But it’s really what’s inside that matters to us.  That’s not sentimental nonsense either, we just really put importance on the ingredients.  We’ll dive into those ingredients below, but if you’re ready to take a look at Lumelle Eye Serum for yourself, we’ve linked to the manufacturer site with the link below.  Click the link to learn more!


How Does Lumella Eye Serum Work?

Lumella Eye Serum uses a formula focused on a balance.  Most serums or anti-aging products you see will only focus on results.  And while those short-lived results might be nice for a few hours, they’re not treating the underlying causes of external aging.  That’s where Lumella Serum is different.  It uses a blend of high efficacy ingredients that work together to help revitalize the processes of the skin.  Those processes are responsible for all kinds of things, like collagen and elastin production, but also in maintaining optimum moisture levels.  They also help to fight transepidermal water loss, a common moisture loss problem facing almost all of us.

Lumella Eye Serum Benefits

  • Get Lasting Results
  • Great For Wrinkles, Fine Lines
  • Helps Blend Dark Areas
  • Fast Absorbing, Easy To Use
  • Safe For All Skin Types

Lumella Eye Serum Reviews

Most of the reviews for Lumella Serum that we’ve seen have been on the positive side.  The few negative ones we’ve seen have been mostly focused on the trial.  Trials are always hit or miss, but they generally boil down to whether or not the user read the fine print.  So, read the fine print if you’re going to sign up!  Other takeaways are that the serum is fast-absorbing, and that it’s worked well in anti-aging applications.  Other people have pointed to successful short term, and longer term results.

Lumella Eye Serum Trial Information

The information we’ve seen for the Lumella Eye Serum Trial program has shown it to be pretty standard fare.  That includes the “free” bottle of serum where you pay shipping.  It’s also familiar in that they’ll send you a bottle every month unless you cancel.  So, if you don’t want a new bottle every month, remember to cancel!  You can access full details on that trial, including price and requirements by clicking the banner below.  But if you’re looking for a great way to get more all around results, try Lumella Eye Serum and Lucia Skin Cream together.  They combine for some really great results!




Lumella Eye Serum Price

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