Missha Time Revolution

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Missha Time RevolutionThe First Treatment Essence!

Missha Time Revolution a day and night serum that contains a blend of ingredients to help improve your skins imperfections. Is your skin being taken over by fine lines and wrinkles? Do you often get easily irritated and dry skin from a lack of moisture? This skincare treatment contains 80% fermented yeast concentrate, which absorbs into skin instantly to energize your skin. It contains ingredients such as, nacinamide, vitamin b3, cassia-alata extract and many more to enhance skin barrier function, improve elasticity by rebuilding collagen and many more benefits! Ultimately, your skin will begin to restore itself and start looking healthier and youthful.

As we grow older, so does our skin. Our skin becomes more prone to environmental factors such as sun exposure that can damage the collagen which naturally produces in our skin. With a depletion in the production collagen, your skin loses it elasticity, which keeps your skin tight and flexible. Other complications include dryness, age spots and thinning of your skin. Missha Time Revolution is considered to be the stepping stone to healthier and new skin. It improves fine lines and skin tone. It’s main purpose is to hydrate, restore, rejuvenate and give you a glowing complexion. To get our very own bottle, click below now!

What Is Missha Time Revolution?

This was developed with a unique blend of ingredients to help hydrate and keep your skin feeling restored. Missha Time Revolution contain 80% fermented yeast concentrate, which yeast is naturally fortified Vitamin B group. Vitamin B supports and increases the rate of metabolism and maintains healthy skin. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 and is used to prevent and treat niacin deficiency. It helps to alleviate swelling and redness in your skin. Cassia-Alata Extract provides vitality to aging skin, protect DNA from aging caused by UV rays, and promotes restoration of damage DNA.

How Does Missha Time Revolution Work?

The fermented yeast and similar components to natural moisturizing factor make a highly concentrated essential essence to help control rhythm of skin. It makes for pure and clear skin by firming the foundation of eight basic skin care life firming, wrinkle repairing, improving skin tone and etc. It also provides synergy effect for the next step of skin care by controlling balance of moisture and oil while smoothing skin. The microorganism of yeast is used for making bread, beer and wine. Because it’s so rich in vitamin B, it is used recently in the cosmetics industry. It provides a endless amount of benefits to your skin to keep it looking youthful and healthy.

Missha Time Revolution Benefits:

  • Contains 80% Yeast Concentrate!
  • Blended With Natural Ingredients!
  • Night and Day Serum!
  • Repairs Wrinkles & Fine Lines!
  • Provides Vitality To Skin!

Are You Ready To Start Using Missha Time Revolution?

This serum is made with a unique blend of ingredients that work to boost, firm, moisturize, repair, sooth, improve, balance and smooth your skin. This treatment uses 80% fermented yeast extract, which does most of the work to help turn your skin from old to new again! To order your very own bottle of this serum, click the link below to get started!


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