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Nuface MiniNEW: Five Minute Face Lift!

Nuface has finally released their followup to the critically acclaimed Nuface Trinity.  The Nuface Mini uses non-invasive microcurrent technology to get visible, long term results.  those results are attainable with as little as 5 minutes a day of treatment.  It’s safe, effective, and easy to use.  The one we’ve linked to, the limited edition white rose, comes complete with a charger, and gel primer to be used with your treatments.  We’ll, get more into how to use Five Minute Face Lift in a bit, but suffice it to say that’s it’s super easy to use, and gives great results.  Learn more by clicking the image above!

The Nuface Mini takes everything great about the Nuface Trinity, and takes it on the move.  It features a portable minded design, but the same focus on efficacy and results.  There are a couple of treatment solutions, which include the five minute facial, and the more in-depth 15 minute facial.  We’ll walk you through those steps later, but the treatments target just about every area of the face.  Those areas include; jowl, jawline, lower cheek, upper cheek, nasolabial fold, brow, and forehead.  The only thing the Nuface Mini isn’t designed for is the under eye, which is meant more for the Nuface Trinity.  If you want to check out both the Mini and Trinity, click the link below!

How Does Nuface Mini Work?

In all of our reviews, we’ve never covered something quite like Nuface Mini.  It uses microcurrent technology to stimulate ATP production, which is responsible for creating key skin elements like collagen and elastin.  It also works to get sagging facial muscles back in tip top form.  But as to what it is, microcurrent tech is actually a low-level current that works to give younger looking appearance.  It works outside of the sensory zone, which means that most users won’t even feel the treatment as it happens!  Best of all, the process is clinically tested, with 85% of users experiencing improved facial contour, 80% reporting smoother skin, and 77% reporting a more toned face.  And this is just after 5 minutes a day, for 60 days!

Nuface Mini ReviewsNuface Mini Effects

NuFACE Mini, when used once daily for 60 days, was able to give significant decreases in the following areas; roughness, wrinkle length, wrinkle shadows, wrinkle numbers, and wrinkle breadth.  In addition, people who used the treatment for 30 days saw a significant improvement in tone and contour, which was further improved after an additional 30 days.  This is, of course, in addition to the improved facial contour, better overall skin smoothness, and better facial toning that we mentioned above.  Just a reminder, that’s with 5 minutes a day of use!

 Nuface Mini Benefits:

  • Easy To Use Design
  • Safe, Pain-Free
  • New, Portable Design
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Great Results After Only 30 Days!

Shop The Nuface Mini Amazon Store!

If you’re ready to get the best price available for the Nuface Mini, click the banner below!  We’ve went ahead and linked to the best available price, and made sure to pick one that has free shipping.  The order comes with a NuFace Limited Edition Mini White Rose Facial Toning Device, a charger, and a bottle of the Gel Primer.  Make sure to follow the instructions, and to ease into the process to make sure your skin is reacting well with the micro-current tech.  We’ve seen people have a lot of success with this product, and hope you’ll share that success as well.  Click the banner below now to order yours today!  

Nuface Mini Amazon

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