Nuvega Lash

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nuvega lash serumGet Longer, Animal-Friendly Lashes!

Searching for a great vegan beauty product is never easy. With all the innovation in cosmetics happening every day, why are we still putting animal products on our bodies? Most of the time, if you can even find a vegan beauty product, you pay out the nose for a product that doesn’t even work. As I’m writing this Nuvega Lash is the only certified vegan lash serum on the market, and guess what? It actually works! And don’t worry if you’re not even vegan… with Nuvega you know you’re getting a premium quality product with peace of mind. If you want more information, please click the image!

Nuvega Lash Serum is the eyelash and eyebrow conditioner we’ve been dreaming about. With daily use and in little as 4 weeks, you will see noticeable growth and length. As Nuvega Lash cream conditions the hair follicle, it prolongs the life cycle of your brows and lashes, causing less breakage and fallout. It does this by nourishing the hair root with an array of peptides and vitamins, allowing the hair to grow long and strong. After all, hair health starts at the root. Click the button below to learn more and get more information on a special trial, just for our readers!

How Does Nuvega Lash Work?

This scientifically-proven formula is unique on the market of other eyelash and eyebrow serums. Instead of using harsh ingredients that dry out your skin and hair, like alcohol, parabens, and mineral oils, Nuvega Lash eyeliner is different. The formula involves the cutting edge use of bio-peptides and pure vitamins to help stimulate growth and promote strength. You simply cleanse your eyelids and eyebrows with a mild soap, and make sure to dry your skin thoroughly. Soon after, apply a thin and even layer of Nuvega Lash. Each brush stroke contains enough formula for one eyelid. Finally allow the application to absorb completely and avoiding touching the area. Easy as pie!

Nuvega Lash Benefits:

  • Vegan – No Animal Products
  • Up To 50% More Density
  • Results In 4 Weeks
  • Nourishes And Protects
  • Easy To Use Formula

Nuvega Lash Reviews

From what we’ve seen online and elsewhere, Nuvega Lash is a hit! Whether it’s the fact that it is 100% vegan, or the fact that it actually works, women everywhere are opening their eyes to Nuvega Lash conditioner. Some reviews have explained that they not only found extra length after 4-8 weeks of use, but stronger, more flexible eyelashes as well. No wonder women are raving about Nuvega Lash! Think about it… never having to use messy mascara ever again! Just natural, ‘I woke up like this’ eyelashes! Instead of using precious morning time to apply make-up, you could sleep in or actually enjoy your mornings. Compassion for animals is something that we take seriously, and that’s why we love Nuvega Lash serum!

Where To Buy Nuvega Lash

With recent media coverage and the highest quality ingredients they could find, the creators over at NuvegaLash are only able to offer a trial for those able to sign up fast. In fact, they can only offer 300 orders per day for a limited time. Although they make up for it by shipping within 24 hours of purchase. And they want to make sure you are so satisfied with this product, that they want you to know that you can cancel your trial. As such, it does take 4-8 weeks to results… after all you have got to give your lashes all of the nourishment they’ve been without for so long! We hope you love it as much as we did. Click the button below for more information on Nuvega Lash and special pricing, just for our readers! Your eyelashes will thank you!

nuvega lash trial

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