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PowerMud ReviewNEW: GlamGlow Power Mud Review!

What’s the key to great skin?  MUD!  Well, not just any mud. GlamGlow PowerMud!  It’s designed to give fast acting skin purifying, renewing, detoxifying, and cleansing results.  But it’s not your typical mud mask.  It employs a technology that takes it from mud, to oil treatment in a matter of minutes, delivering great skin cleaning results!  It’s absurdly well-reviewed, too.  With a 4.5/5 star rating on amazon, it’s one of the best hybrid cleanser products we’ve covered.  To check out those reviews, or even see some prices, click the image above to get started!

Glam Glow PowerMud does a lot of things right.  Instead of cleaning the skin then leaving it high and dry, it also works hard to nourish and support the skin, leaving it feel clean, soft, supple, and moisturized.  We’ve seen a lot of people using it as a once a week cleanser, as it works a bit better than your day-to-day cleanser.  But we’ve also seen people get good results using it as a daily cleanser.  The only thing that makes daily use difficult is that you do have to let it dry, then remove it with water, which can take a little bit of time.  But the results are worth the wait.  To see what kind of experiences users have had, click the link below!

How Does GlamGlow PowerMud Work?

Unlike most mask, where you let the mask dry then, peel, or wash off the mask, PowerMud works in both the drying portion, and while washing off the mask.  That’s because it’s patented Mud to Oil™’ DUALCLEANSE Treatment incorporates the hottest cleansing technique on the market, cleansing oil.  You’ve probably seen a handful of our reviews on various cleansing oils, but if you haven’t, they work great for removing makeup, especially oil-based makeup, and help to nourish the skin along the way.  They’ve been super popular in Japan and South Korea, and now they’re starting to catch on in the states as well.  But when you add the great mask properties of PowerMud, you get a truly one-of-a-kind experience!

GlamGlow PowerMud Reviews

The reviews for GlamGlow PowerMud have been largely positive, from critics to consumers.  They point to the multi-functionality of the treatment, as well as the effectiveness of both the cleanser and mask phases.  It’s also received some critical praise, nabbing a 2014 Latina Beauty Award.  This combination of both critical and popular praise left us feeling pretty confident in our views too, as they echo the positive notions found in many reviews.  The only thing we didn’t like was the price, but for a great product from a great company, we thought it was doable.

Glam Glow PowerMud Benefits

  • Great Multipurpose Mask
  • Award Winning Product
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Cleanse Skin, Support Skin
  • Great Skincare Company! 

Shop The GlamGlow PowerMud Amazon Store!

Since Power Mud premiered a few years ago, it’s been tougher and tougher to find.  It’s been replaced by newer, more flashy GlamGlow products, but we still have an eye out for new, reliable providers.  We’ve found what looks to be a reliable seller, and they have a decent supply all set up.  When you buy, make sure to buy extra, because we’re not sure how long they’ll be in stock!  Thanks for reading our review, hopefully you found it helpful or interesting.  If so, make sure to give us a like, favorite, or share, and make sure to check back for everything new in skin here at Eye Serum Review

PowerMud Reviews