Pregnancy Related Skin Conditons

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Pregnancy Related Skin ConditionsThese Are More Common Than You Realize!

Pregnancy can bring upon us some serious complications. Some can be more extreme than others, however, the one thing that a lot women tend to deal with is pregnancy related skin conditions. The surge of hormones affects your skin greatly. Most of the skin conditions you see in pregnancy will disappear after you have your baby. As I already mentioned, a lot of these conditions affect every women differently, but if conditions become persistent or more severe, it’s highly recommended that you contact your local doctor or dermatologist.

Typically, common skin conditions during and after pregnancy generally can be separated into three different categories: hormone-related, preexisting, and pregnancy-specific. Normal hormone changes during pregnancy may cause benign skin conditions including striae gravidarum (stretch marks), hyper-pigmentation; and hair, nail, and vascular changes. Pregnancy related skin conditions can also stem from preexisting conditions such as, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, fungal infections and cutaneous tumors. Pregnancy specific conditions may include pruritic urticarial papules, and plaques of pregnancy, as well as more. As I’ve mentioned, make sure to get in contact with your doctor or dermatologist if you are dealing with persistent conditions or even worsening conditions.

What Are Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions?

Below are a list of common pregnancy related skin conditions that women can go through during and after pregnancy. Keep an out for you skin if problems do get worse!

  • Hyperpigmentation: This is a darkening of the skin and is caused by an increase in melanin, the substance in the body that is responsible for color. Pregnancy tends to cause melanin production.
  • Melasma: This is a form of hyperpigmentation. It is characterized by tan or brown patches; usually on the face. This condition is so common among pregnant women that it has been named “the mask of pregnancy”.
  • Pruritic Urticarial Papules (PUPP): This is an outbreak of pale red bumps on the skin. These lesions can cause itching or may burn or sting. They can range in size from pencil eraser to a dinner plate. These lesions can appear on the abdomen, legs, arms and buttocks.
  • Stretch Marks: Once the skin has been stretched the skin will not bounce back in its pure state because of the rapid growth caused by pregnancy, weight gain, or extreme weight loss. It instead becomes decorated by a form of scarring called stretch marks, or striae.
  • Skin Tags: This is a small flap of skin that hangs off the skin by a connecting stalk. They are typically, benign and are usually found on the neck, chest, back under the breasts, and in the groin. They are common in pregnant women and usually painless unless something rubs against them.
  • Acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis: All these conditions may worsen with pregnancy, and should improve after the birth of the baby.

What Pregnancy Related Skin Conditions Treatments?

For many of these conditions, they typically get better overtime and require general treatment. For some women though, the conditions may get worse and if this does happen, it is recommended that you visit your doctor and dermatologist.