Ritual Of Sakura

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Ritual Of SakuraNEW: Rituals of Sakura Gift Set!

Ritual of Sakura is one of the most interesting product lines we’ve covered here at Eye Serum Review.  It incorporates an ideology that is somewhat foreign to us in the western world.  It invokes the aesthetic of the skin, with ingredients that work to “restore inner peace.”  Aesthetic aside, the products included in the line stand pretty well on their own legs, with several fast selling, highly rated products.  Several of those are included in the gift set we’ll be covering today.  This is a great entry point to the line, and on the off chance you don’t find them a good fit, they’ll make a great gift for someone else!

The Ritual of Sakura Gift Set includes their shower foam, shower oil, and Sakura Scrub, and Sakura Body Cream.  We’ll take a look at the effects of each, and talk a little about what goes into them, and why they are or are not effective.  We’ve had good experiences with the company in the past, and judging by the good reviews, those experiences won’t be changing anytime soon.  We’ll kick off the review below, but before we do, we’ll give you a link to the product line in case you want to skip all the fluff, and get right to the good stuff!


What’s Included In The Ritual Of Sakura Gift Set?

Ritual of Sakura uses a unique blend of ingredients that focus on both holistic principles and clinical effectiveness.  That holistic approach focuses on the cherry blossom festival celebrated in Japan.  These cherry blossoms, or Sakura, symbolize life’s beauty in it’s passing, temporary form.  This dawn of beauty is represented in the Ritual Of Sakura with the combination of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom. The Ritual Of Sakura Gift Set includes the super popular body scrub, the fan favorite shower oil and shower foam, and is rounded out with the Sakura Body Cream for your after shower enjoyment. 

Ritual Of Sakura Review

Ritual Of Sakura Effects

The different products contained in the Sakura Gift Set all have different effects, but they’re all centered along one constant…exceptional skincare.  The two shower products are really nice, if non-essential for most people.  They’re great for skin cleaning, followed by skin conditioning.  The scrub is also a great choice for people looking for a luxurious exfoliating experience.  Lastly, the ultra popular Body Cream gives great after shower hydration, accompanied by the great smell of Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom Extract.

Ritual Of Sakura Benefits

  • Great Holistic Approach
  • Perfect Gift For Friends
  • Perfect Gift For YOURSELF
  • Great Bundle Price
  • Get Great Looking, Feeling Skin

Buy Ritual Of Sakura On Amazon Today!

When you’re ready to order your Ritual Of Sakura Gift Set, click the banner below to check shipping options, pricing, or even pick out another Rituals product.  We’ve liked everything we’ve tried so far, so definitely make a point to check this one out!

Ritual Of Sakura Gift Set

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