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Rituals AyurvedaNEW: Ayurveda Collection Gift Set!

Looking for an inexpensive way to get the full Rituals Ayurveda lineup?  Rituals has recently released their deluxe Rituals Ayurveda Collection Gift Set, which contains; Yogi Flow Shower Foam, Honey Touch Body Cream, Himalaya Scrub, and the Chakra Scent Perfume.  When you combine these products into one, affordable gift set, you get not only a phenomenal value, but also some phenomenal products.  If you’re interested in treating yourself or a friend to a one of a kind Rituals experience, then click the image above to order your Rituals Ayurveda Collection Gift Set today!

There’s a lot to like about the Rituals Ayurveda Collection.  Each product stands on it’s own as a solid entry.  We’ll talk about each of the products in detail later in the review.  But the standout for us was definitely the Honey Touch Body Cream.  On it’s own it goes for close to $30, and that’s understandable. It uses ingredients like Himalayan Honey and Indian rose, which prove to give a great, nourishing experience in skincare.  And that’s just one of the products!  With the other three products included, you’ll be getting a full, spa-like treatment that is unlike anything else on the market.  Best of all, it’s relatively cheap, at only $65 for the kit!  To check pricing and shipping options, click the link below! 

What’s Included In The Rituals Ayurveda Collection?

The Rituals Ayurveda collection includes the Honey Touch Moisturizing Body Cream, purifying Himalayan Salt Scrub, Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel and the Chakra Water Bed And Body Mist.  We’ve already mentioned that we’re HUGE fans of the Honey Touch Cream, but the other products are just as impressive.  A close second place for us was the Himalayan Salt Scrub, which proved not only be a great exfoliating scrub, but also leave the skin looking and smelling fantastic.  The scents aren’t oppressive by any means, but they are rich and decadent.  Since they’ve intentionally tried for this aesthetic, we really enjoy it!

Rituals Ayurveda Reviews

We’ve gone through a ton of effort crawling the internet for reviews, and from Amazon, to mom and pop blogs, we’ve noticed a general trend of positive reviews.  Those reviews point to good experiences with the individual products, as well as a general satisfaction with the value of the set itself.  We agree, but we would also like to note that since these products are all centered around the combination of Indian Rose and Himalayan honey, that people averse to those scents avoid this product, at least for themselves.  

Rituals Ayurveda Benefits:

  • Great Collection Of Products
  • Solid Value For Price
  • GREAT Company, Gread Product Line
  • Perfect For Gifting
  • Attractive Box Set

Shop The Rituals Ayurveda Amazon Store!

If you’re ready to get acquainted with one of the hottest gift sets on the market, just in time for summer, then click the banner at the bottom of the screen to order your Rituals: Ayurveda Set.  We’ve linked to the best available price, and one that has some nice reviews for you to check out as well.  We definitely encourage you to check out the rest of the rituals lines, as they offer a variety of product lines that will fit just about everybody’s needs.  Thanks for reading our review, we hope you found it informative, or at least entertaining.  If so, share the love with a like, favorite or share, and remember to check back here at Eye Serum Review for the latest in Skincare!

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