Rules For Layering Skincare Products

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Layering Skincare ProductsAre You Causing Damage To Your Skin?

Do you ever get worried about the amount of products you put on your face? Does this cause you to become concern about the potential damages you could be doing to your skin? Well let me tell you that there is a way to layering skincare products without having to add that worry or concern. You obviously need to wash and cleanse your face, applying a toner is always necessary to go through and get rid of any excess dirt. Then there’s the much needed moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated! Keep reading on to find out these simple rules to applying several products to your face!

As already mentioned, there is a simple science to layering skincare products to your face on a daily basis. By following these rules, you won’t have to be concerned about the potential damage you could be doing to your face. If you are highly aware of the products you buy, you probably make sure that they contain only the best of ingredients to make sure the provide you with the best benefits, which is a great start! This means you aren’t using harmful products on top of each other to potentially damage your skin! Continue on finding out the best way to applying several skincare products to your skin!

How To Layer Skincare Products?

Thanks to Allure, they have comprised a simple list of rules to layering skincare products. We don’t want you damaging the skin that you’ve worked hard to keep youthful and healthy. So read through these simple rules to see if your applying your skin care products correctly!

  • First start with light, such as serums. They are said to be the thinnest skin care products and they happen to deliver active ingredients into the skin more than any other product. It is recommended to pick at least two or three serums that each treat one of your concerns.
  • Secondly, add an antioxidant. One of the best for your skin is vitamin C, which no matter what your skin type, your skin needs it! Vitamin C is a great way of brightening, protecting your skin against sun damage and promotes collagen.
  • Next, give your skin a break. Let each product take a minute or two to dry into your skin. Put on a product, then eat breakfast; apply another product, have coffee, add another product, then brush your teeth.
  • Add a barrier. This where your moisturizer comes in. It is the key to any layering routine because it works to seal in serums on your skin, which can make it more effective.
  • Reversing; if your sensitive skin reddens using even one treatment product, try putting on a simple fragrance free moisturizer and then serums on top of that. This will most likely cause less irritation to your skin.
  • Add oil, but in small doses. Oils tend to make your skin radiant, but put them on dry areas after creams. However, skip the oil if you’re wearing more than two serums under your moisturizer.
  • Don’t forget your protection. It is highly recommended that sunscreen be your last step in the morning. It prevents other ingredients from penetrating into your skin.
  • Have a night cap. End your nighttime routine with a retinoid will help make you look a whole lot younger. Try putting it over a serum or a cream, moisturizing helps retinol to penetrate better with less irritation.