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Serovital FeaturedGet Rid Of Turkey Neck!

Serovital Skincare has just come out with another addition to their impressive line of skin care products.  The Extra Firming Deep Penetrating Anti-Aging Cream For Neck & Décolleté is specifically designed for lifting, tightening and reworking the neck, jaw line and Décolleté (neck line.)  If you’re like most women who suffer from the signs of drooping neck that only seems to get worse with time, and you’re looking for way to treat it without resorting to dangerous or costly surgeries or treatments, then you need to try Serovital!  If you’re ready to learn more, or you’re ready to compare prices and shipping options, click the image above to get started!  We’ve went ahead and linked the best price on amazon above, so click the image to start shopping today!

Serovital Skincare is one of the more exciting lines we’ve covered here on Eye Serum Review, that’s because they’re using their patented blend of high efficacy treatment to target areas that don’t often get a lot of attention.  And that’s a shame, because a lot of our necks could use some attention.  There’s nothing worse than getting a great dress for the summer and putting it on only to see that it accentuates an embarrassing of your body.  That’s why we were excited when we found out that Serovital, one of the big names in skin treatment, came out with a product that directly treated one of our most troublesome areas.  While we don’t like to speak in the pejorative, the turkey neck is a common problem, and this is one great way to address it!  If you’re ready to learn more about how to get rid of your embarrassing neck line, click the button below to get started!


How Does Serovital Work?

Serovital was specifically designed and developed to deal with the sensitive skin in the neck and jawline, and to deliver lifting, tightening and overall transformation of the neck, jaw line and décolleté. When we took a peek at the ingredients used in Serovital, we were surprised.  Normally in an advanced clinical formula like this, you would expect to see a long list of unpronounceable chemicals, and while there are few, (I see you in there Polydodecanamideaminium Triazadiphenylethenesulfonate, there’s no hiding you) there are a ton of natural ingredients as well.  Off the top of the list, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Olive Extract, Shea Butter Extract, Sweet Almond Extract and Beeswax.  A few others we want to point out;  Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Tetrapeptide-7, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, are all Peptides, and Retinyl Palmitate are all familiar faces.

Serovital MiddleThere are a ton of ingredients to talk about, and only so much time, so we’ll pick a couple good ones from this list that you’re probably unfamiliar with.  Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Tetrapeptide and Hexapeptide are all peptides.  These are a fairly new development in skin care and are known to help prevent, or reverse the damage of Trans Epidermal Water Loss.  This water loss occurs after damage sustained from UV Radiation and other stressors. When the skin is treated with peptides, like those found in creams and serum, you restore the ability of the skin to hold and maintain acceptable levels of moisture, a critical part of skin health.  Aside from promoting the healthy function of your skin, it also serves another, more topical, purpose.  It helps to fill out the skin.  That means that deep set wrinkles, and even tough and bumpy skin will be pushed out, becoming far less sever than when not using a peptide product.


Benefits Of Serovital

  • Improve Neck, Jawline and Décolleté 
  • Prevents AND Corrects
  • Natural Soothing Ingredients
  • Proven Clinical Ingredients
  • Trusted Name In Skin Care

How To Use Serovital

First, clean and dry your skin, then apply the Extra  Firming Deep Penetrating Anti Aging Cream for Neck and Décolleté to the neck, chin and decollete.  Apply using a gentle circular motion, until the cream is fully absorbed.

How to Order Serovital  

If you’re ready to start shopping Serovital, and comparing prices, then click the banner below to get shopping!  Of course, you’ll also be able to read reviews and testimonials before buying as well.  Remember to check out all of the Serovital products while you’re at it, they have a ton of good stuff.  Thanks for reading, and remember to bookmark this page so you can check back for updates, news, reviews and exclusive offers!

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