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skin contour creamNew | SkinContour Anti-Aging Cream

Today we’ll be looking at a new favorite around the office, the Skin Contour Anti-Aging Cream. This BB cream meets anti-aging cream has a lot of people talking.  So what makes it so special?  Instead of just disguising and amplifying the contours of your face, like with other contouring creams, Skin Contour is able to help improve the actual appearance of the skin.  In our review, we’ll talk about the cream, how it’s working, and what kind of results you can look forward to when using.  We’ll then talk about user reviews and the new trial program and what you need to do to get access!

Skin Contour Cream is the logical evolution of the contouring cream. It combines the efficacy and instant feature accentuating power of a contouring cream with the skin-building power of a premium anti-aging cream.  Using a formula that features ingredients like peptides, collagen and premium botanical extracts, it’s focused on building up the skin, not disguising it.  This is a great option for people looking for beautiful, healthy skin.  Interested in seeing it for yourself?  Click the banner below to get your trial jar of Skin Contour Anti Aging Cream today!

How Does Skin Contour Anti Aging Cream Work? 

We’ve all used contouring creams before, so we’ll skip over how that segment.  The most interesting part of the Skin Contour Anti Aging Cream is definitely the anti-aging portion.  It’s also what separates the cream from countless other contouring creams.  It’s designed to accentuate the function of contouring creams, lending itself to skin-tightening, strengthening and other anti-aging benefits.  That starts with one of the key ingredients, peptides.  Peptides come in a variety of forms, but in skincare you’ll typically see them in hexapeptide form.  These are use primarily as a way to increase and/or maintain proper moisture levels in the skin.  More on them, below the break.

Skin Contour Anti-Aging Cream Benefits:

  • Works Great On Wrinkles
  • Fights Signs Of Aging
  • Contour, Define, Shape
  • Works Great With All Skin Tones
  • Great New Trial Format

Skin Contour Cream Ingredients

The other active ingredients in the Skin Contour cream include; collagen and botanical extracts.  Collagen has seen a big resurgence in the last few months, and that has been in part due to a new delivery system that makes it more effective, QuSome.  While we’re not experts on how it works exactly, the truth is that it works very well, especially for maintaining full-chain collagen.  This allows for better overall collagen stimulation, and better looking skin.  The botanical extracts, while the least important of the three, are still a nice addition.  They give a nice, pleasing scent and the benefit of antioxidants.

Skin Contour Anti Aging Cream Trial

The trial for SkinContour has been pretty impressive so far.  It gives people a way to try the cream without buying it at full price.  You’ll basically be paying a nominal shipping fee for a free bottle, then be given a short period to try the product.  After that they’ll send you a bottle monthly until you cancel.  Cancel within the trial period and they don’t.  Pretty nice, right?  If you’re interested in seeing what this trial is all about, click the banner below to get your trial bottle today!  Interested in even more results?  Click the links below to try Skin Contour Cream and Eye Contour Cream together!

Try SkinContour Cream HERE!

Try Eye Contour Cream HERE!

skin contour anti aging cream

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