Skincare Myths

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Skincare MythsDid You Know Any Of These Were True?

There are things we do to our skin on a daily basis that we probably feel like isn’t a good idea, but we do it anyways. However, whatever you’re doing could be possibly better for your skin than realize! There are things that are claimed to be good for your skin, however, they aren’t; but that’s why in this article we’ll go over every aspect of your skin and busting some skincare myths! Before you start to throwing out product, continue to read on to find out more now!

There are so many misconceptions when it comes to beauty and skincare because quite honestly, everyone’s skin react differently. However, these skincare myths hold a lot of truth to the majority of people in this world. I would highly recommend that you don’t overlook any of these myths because you never know what could apply to you or not! Keep into factor your age, your skincare routine, your daily lifestyle, mental behaviors and so much more! You may even become surprised by some of them because it’s not something you think about on a daily basis!

What Are Some Skincare Myths?

Below is a list of skincare myths that revolve around your skin, age, skincare routine, products and pretty much anything that revolves around the way you treat your skin.

  • Myth #1: Skincare Products Work like Botox Or Dermal Fillers.
    • Truth: No such product can reach their targeted areas unless injected deep down into your skin obviously by a needle.
  • Myth #2: Age Is Important When Buying Skin Care Products.
    • Truth: Thousands of products on the market claim they are designed for specific age groups, however, they usually refer to women age 50 and over.
  • Myth #3: Hypoallergenic Products Are Better For Sensitive Skin.
    • Truth: There are no accepted testing methods, ingredient restrictions, regulations, guidelines, rules or procedure of any kind for determining whether or not a product qualifies as being hypoallergenic. It is just used as advertising tool.
  • Myth #4: Age Spots Are A Sure Sign Your Old.
    • Truth: This is a result of unprotected sun exposure. Sun/Age spots can show up at any age, from the freckles on your face as a child to the flat brown discolorations you may see as early as your mid-20’s.
  • Myth #5: You’ll Outgrow Acne.
    • Truth: There is no guarantee that you won’t get acne later in life. For some women, getting acne is a sign of dealing with menopause. It just all depends on your overreacting hormones. Women unfortunately have with the endless roller coaster of fluctuating hormones.
  • Myth #6: Make Causes Acne.
    • Truth: There is no valid research that indicates that makeup or skincare products cause acne. There is no consensus on which ingredients are problematic as well.
  • Myth #7: Look For Collagen & Elastin In Anti-Wrinkle Products.
    • Truth: They two proteins can serve as good water-binding agents, but they cannot fuse with your skin’s natural supply of these supportive elements.
  • Myth #8: Everyone Needs An Eye Cream.
    • Truth: There is no documentation out there to prove that the eye are needs ingredients different from those you use on your face or neck area.
  • Myth #9: There Are Products Out There That Eliminate Wrinkles.
    • Truth: No matter how much you pay for a skincare product, it will never work to reduce or completely eliminate unwanted wrinkles on your skin. The daily use of a well-formulated sunscreen is one of the best things you can do to prevent wrinkles.
  • Myth #10: Blackheads Relate To Cleanliness And Can Be Scrubbed Away.
    • Truth: These are actually unrelated to dirt. Many don’t know that blackheads are formed when hormones cause too much sebum to be produced, dead skin cells get in the way, the pore is impaired or misshapen, and the path for the oil to exit through the pore is blocked, creating a clog.