Smashbox Primer Oil

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Smashbox Primer Oil ReviewGet Ready For Your Closeup!

We’ve been covering a lot of new skincare oils lately and we’ve been liking what we’re seeing.  That’s no different for this one from Smashbox.  The Smashbox Primer Oil is a cutting edge oil moisturizer that acts fast to give you a blend of 15 lipid-packed plant oils that absorb at the drop of a hat.  Designed for application before you put on makeups, we’ve found this one to be a winner far beyond that.  If you’re interested in learning more about Smashbox Primer Oil, click the image above.  We’ve linked to the amazon reviews on the product, but if you like what you see, we definitely recommend you pick this one up!

So what’s so special about this one?  A lot, actually.  We like Smashbox Primer Oil  for it’s unique approach in softening not only the skin, but overall complexion, as well as it’s ability to increase moisture FAST.  That ability for quick moisturizing has earned it a permanent spot in our collection, especially for pre-makeup products.  While we’ll get into the ingredients a bit later in the review, we do want you to know that we like them.  We also like that it’s good for all skin types, making it as versatile of a skin oil as we’ve covered.  If you’re interested in checking it out, click the link below to get started!


How Does Smashbox Primer Oil Work?

If you’ve never used a “Primer Oil” before, don’t worry.  It’s just a marketing term (albeit an accurate one).  It definitely does set your skin up nice for makeup, but it can be used outside of that somewhat niche application.  We like using it for daily skin moisturizing, as it get’s rid of a lot of the junk contained in some lotions, and it does great work moisturizing.  Before we get into the ingredients, let’s talk a bit about what you can expect form using this one!  Don’t expect huge changes in your skin, but do expect some almost instantaneous ones.  Expect instant moisturizing, expect supple, responsive skin, and expect your skin to work well with your makeup afterward.  Beyond that, don’t expect much more!  It’s really good at filling this role, but beyond the effects above, it’s pretty limited.

Smashbox Primer Oil Reviews

When we took a look at the ingredients in Smashbox Primer Oil, we were pleasantly surprised.  It was largely based on Sweet Almond Oil, but also included some favorites like Apricot Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Coffee Extract and some nice flower oils for a nice soothing scent.  A few words about each of the oils; Almond Oil is a go to for direct skin applications because it gives plenty of moisturizing power, and it smells great.  It’s not a ridiculously heavy oil, so it serves well as a base for the rest of them.  Apricot oil isn’t one we’ve seen a lot of, so we did a little research.  Turns out it’s composed largely of oleic and linoleic acid, making it great for enhancing the skin barrier.  

Smashbox Primer Oil Benefits

  • Uses Great Protective Oils
  • Gives Instant Hydration
  • Great For Pre-Makeup
  • Makes Skin Feel GREAT
  • Smells Fantastic! 

How To Use Smashbox Primer Oil

It’s really easy to use the Smashbox Primer Oil, simply use it in place of your pre-makeup moisturizer.  It absorbs quickly, but if there is any excess, just rub it in until it fully absorbs.  Even if you’re not putting on makeup, make sure to use some!  

How To Order Smashbox Primer Oil

When you’re ready to order your bottle of Smashbox Primer Oil, just click the link below.  From there you can check reviews, prices, and shipping info before you order.  Make sure to order extra, we end up going through this stuff pretty fast!  Thanks for reading our review!  Stop back anytime for the most up to date reviews, previews, special offers and skin care news!  We definitely recommend you check this one out, so click the banner below to do so now!

Smashbox Primer Oil Ingredients