Terrible Habits That Ruin Your Skin

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Terrible HabitsYou Need To Quit These Now!

We do things that are apart of our daily basis, but we don’t realize that they can be terrible habits that can ruin our skin! Are you someone who generally has flawless skin? Are you starting to realize that all those problems are lying deep beneath the surface? This article will introduce to some daily habits that could potentially be ruining the skin your in. And even though you are very strict about your skincare routine, you probably don’t realize the damage you are doing to it when you’re not taking care of it!

We know you have the best of intentions when you a taking care of your skin, you drink adequate amounts of water, you cleanse and you prime. Don’t worry, you are doing all the right things for your skin, however, you with all those good habits you could be doing a couple of bad habits that you don’t even realize are bad for your skin. In this article you’ll learn about a dozen potential terrible habits that you could be doing that is damaging your skin! Keep reading on to find out what those are!

What Are Terrible Habits That Ruin Your Skin?

This is a list that thousands of people do on a regular basis and the worse part is, is that we don’t realize it! These are actually terrible habits to have for our skin and is more than likely damaging the skin that we are in! Read this list below and try to catch yourself doing any of these!

  1. Avoid Clogging Pores During Workouts –  Working out with makeup on can cause a buildup of excess oil and a higher risk of clogging pores. When we sweat our pores open up and if there is a layer of make up on top of it, it can lead to breakouts categorized as acne cosmetica. Try your best to take off every inch of makeup before you head to the gym.
  2. Avoid Picking Scars – Picking scars does not make them disappear. For smaller scars caused by say shaving nicks or deep scratches that are less than six months old, us an at-home silicone cream to help flatten and remove redness. It should be applied twice a day for two months in order to get the best results.
  3. Forgetting Your Neck And Chest – This area of skin is just as important as your face, and equally as delicate. Any anti aging product that you use on your face can and should also be used on your neck and chest as well.
  4. Diet – Dairy can wreak havoc on cystic acne sufferers, as this can cause serious inflammation to your skin. You have better luck trying unsweetened almond milk, which will be better for your skin in the long wrong.
  5. Picking Pimples – It can lead to scarring of the face and if you aggressively work to pick at them, you will end up with pock marks or hyperpigmentation on your face. The pressure on a pimple that is not ready to be extracted can lead to a rupture below the skin surface, which in turn will lead to more breakouts. This will end up being a vicious cycle of your skin never clearing up.
  6. Over Exfoliating – When you over exfoliate your skin, it can often lead to irritated and flaking skin. This can lead to sensitivity issues and can be a nightmare for putting on makeup. Exfoliate your skin at home just a couple of times a week to avoid the irritation and flaking.
  7. Watch The Blow Drier – Heat from the blow drier can leave you with broken capillaries, which can become permanently broken over time.
  8. Sleeping In Makeup – This is very important thing to do before you go to bed at night, especially if you deal with acne prone or oily skin. It is extremely important to wash away all that excess oil that your skin produced during the day. You also want to wash away all of the pollutants that skin is exposed to during the day.
  9. Resting Chin On Your Hand – This can lead to sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles over time. Try and practice good posture and avoid the chin rest.
  10. Rubbing Your Eyes – This can lead to fine lines around your eyes. When you’re taking off your makeup, gently press on the eye with a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover. Also, avoid rubbing itchy, tired eyes and instead use eye drops to alleviate the dryness. The area around your eyes is made of the thinnest skin on your face and is the first to show the signs of aging. Pulling on that area can create a wear and tear on the collagen and elasticity fibers within the skin.
  11. Sleeping On Your Face – This can also cause fine lines and wrinkles, try falling asleep on your back to avoid unsightly lines that could have been prevented.
  12. Smoking, Chewing Gum & Sipping On A Straw – Smoking is one of the most common causes of wrinkles around the mouth. Drinking from a straw creates similar lines if the motion is repeated enough. Chewing gum can also cause wrinkles to form around the mouth.
  13. Licking And Nibbling On Your Lips – Saliva ends up drying and taking any natural moisture with it. It’ll result in dry, cracked and chapped skin.