The Importance Of Skin Toners

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Skin TonerRestore Your Skin’s Natural Glow!

Skin Toners are an overlooked part of a lot of people’s skin care routines. Many people tend to avoid them because they can cause a burning sensation on your face and often leave it feeling dried out. Most likely, if you’re experiencing this type of feeling then you probably didn’t look through the ingredients well enough. However, you suffer from having extremely sensitive skin, it would probably be best advised to avoid using toners. They are most helpful and necessary for people with oily or acne-prone skin, or for people who want extra cleansing after wearing makeup or heavy skin products.

So if you don’t use a skin toner, you probably wonder what exactly it does for your skin? There are three different types of toners: traditional toners, astringents and fresheners. Many traditional toners consist of moisturizers, oils, and extracts that help soother your skin. Astringents are generally alcohol based, tighten the skin and pores and remove oil. Lastly, fresheners work similarly to astringents by tightening the skin, but they are made of ingredients like caffeine and green tea instead of alcohol. It’s important to make sure you’re always cleansing your face before you apply a toner, because this really works to remove the dirt, oils and dead skin from the surface of your face.

What Are Benefits Of Using Skin Toners?

Many women like to use skin toners during the summer, because this is the time of the year where our skin is more susceptible to clogged pores, traces of dirt and grime and oils. But there are also several other skin benefits besides just clearing your pores of dirt and oils.

1. It shrinks pores. By applying a small amount of toner onto a cotton ball or a cotton pad and gently blotting and wiping your face, it will remove oil and give your skin the appearance of smaller pores.

2. It gives your skin pH balance. Between the hours of five and six our skin is naturally acidic. After cleansing, due to alkaline nature of soap, the pH balance of skin get disturbed. The skin tends to work in overtime to restore the balance, but using a toner helps to restore this quickly.

3. Adds a layer of protection. Toners work great to close pores and tighten cells gaps after washing your face. This reduces penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.

4. It moisturizes. Some toners are humectants, which means that they help to bind moisture to the skin.

5. They refresh your skin. A toner will leave your skin feeling revitalized after washing your face when it feels oily and dirty.

6. It prevent ingrown hairs. Toners containing glycolic or other alpha hydroxy acids can help to prevent ingrown hairs.

What Should I Look For In My Skin Toners?

Make sure to look for toners that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. There are so many ingredients that are naturally made that can be better for your skin than those that are harmful! Some ingredients you might want to look for include, apple cider vinegar, this contain malic acid which is a natural exfoliant and it natural anti-bacterial properties are great for keeping your skin clear and clean.

Witch Hazel is another natural astringent, which can be great for restoring that pH balance and minimizing your pores. However, there is a down fall to witch hazel as it can contain large amounts of alcohol.

There are many other toners on the market that are alcohol free, so that you won’t have to deal with the experience of your skin drying out! Make sure to check the labels on your products so you’re buying the best products for your skin!