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Tony Moly Essence AmazonNEW: Best Selling Skin Boosting Essence!

Alright, this is the last Tony Moly product we’ll cover for at least a week, we swear.  But we just keep finding solid products by Tony Moly, and that makes it hard for us to maintain an air of impartiality.  One of the products that caught our eye recently has been the Tony Moly Essence.  This fast absorbing skin booster uses a 100% pure filtered Galactomyces fermentaion filtrate.  In English, that’s a fermented yeast that helps to support the skin.  It’s used specifically to even tone, while giving clear and clean looking skin. If you’re interested in checking out a solid, fast acting skin evener, click the image above!

There are a lot of popular brightening products on the market right now, especially from South Korea and Japan.  One of the most popular is SK-II.  But SK-II can be prohibitively expensive for a lot of people.  We’ve found that many people online have used Tony Moly Essence as an alternative to HK-II with very similar or equal results.  It’s really highly reviewed, which has come to be an expectation for Tony Moly products, and because it’s still relatively unknown, the price is still low.  Take advantage of that low price buy clicking the link below!  


How Does Tony Moly Essence Work?

Tony Moly Essence takes advantage of the natural brightening and evening power of an ingredient known as Galactomyces.  It was found that people making rice wine, especially the ones who dealt with the byproducts of the process, had spectacularly brightened hands vs the rest of their body.  While that became famous via the various Kojic Acid products (we’ve even reviewed a few) scientists were able to track down what was actually making this process occur.  The secret?  Galactomyces ferment filtrate.  This makes up 96.5% of the formula for Tony Moly Essence, and plays the largest part in it’s skin fixing results.

Tony Moly Essence Reviews

The reviews for Tony Moly Essence have been very positive, with a 4 star rating on amazon, and a lot of good press across the internet.  The most commonly attributed praise is for it’s similarity to SK-II, which is a great thing if you’ve ever tried it.  But we think it stands on it’s own legs just fine, as do others who point out that it’s fast absorbing, effective for skin brightening, and even for helping fade scars.  

Tony Moly Essence Benefits:

  • Great For Skin Brightening
  • Fast Absorbing Formula
  • Great For Scars, Discolored Skin
  • Cheaper Than SK-II
  • Highly Rated Product!

Shop The Tony Moly Essence Amazon Page!

Ready to start getting more even, brighter looking skin?  We’ve linked to the best price for Tony Moly Lite Essence in the banner below.  This banner gets you access to that price, plus a ton of reviews to check out before you decide to buy!  If you have deeper pockets, check out SK-II in the related products section.  The original is still by far the more popular of the two.  Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed our article!  If so, give us a like, favorite, or share, and make sure to bookmark Eye Serum Review on your way out!   

  Tony Moly Essence

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