Understanding Wrinkles

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Understanding WrinklesLearn About Those Pesky Lines All Over Your Face!

Many people often think that fine lines that form on our face come from aging, which is correct! However, understanding wrinkles and how they form go a lot deeper than just the fact that our bodies are naturally aging. What makes it helpful to know is how they are caused. When you understand the cause then the treatment you choose is going to be more effective at getting rid of them. As you look at your face on a daily basis you begin to realize what’s bothering you and what you’d like to fix.

One big reason why we see wrinkles is from the aging we endure as we get older. There is also a process called premature aging that we ourselves can cause ourselves. This is usually caused by environmental factors or free radicals. Free radicals damage the production of collagen in our skin. Types of free radicals include, sun exposure, smoking and pollutants. You’re probably wondering how is this something I can change? Well we can protect our skin from each of these by using a sunscreen or to stop smoking. Overall, whether you have wrinkles or not it is important to understanding wrinkles and how they can effect our skin.

How Can I Understand Wrinkles?

There are several causes as to why these fine lines are forming on your face. You can help understanding wrinkles better by reading through these causes below!

  1. Muscle action over time on certain spots can cause wrinkles. Vertical frown lines are good example of this – “the elevens”.
  2. Damage over time to the outer layer of the skin (the epidermis). The main culprit here is sun and environmental damage and age.
  3. Loss of collagen/elastic/intracellular matrix over time in the deeper layer of skin. Example – The fine lines from the nose to the mouth or mouth to the chin.
  4. Loss of deep volume of fat, bone, and muscle due to aging and/or poor health. Example – sagging at the jaw line. More realistically as we get older, several of the above are involved.

Once you’ve learned the causes of wrinkles on your face you can better predict the treatment you need to improve on what bothers you the most. Try this by looking at your face and really think about what is bothering you about your skin and what you would like to fix. Look at the depth of the wrinkles in different areas as well. Do you have…

No wrinkles unless you move your face? Wrinkles that are grooves? Loss of the “frame” of your face which is that natural oval or heart shape that most women have?

Once you’ve figured out the problems in your face you can figure out a treatment that will work. When you have superficial/fine lines they respond best to either treatments such as light peels or lasers that resurface the outer layer or epidermis. Deeper lines or grooves generally require some underlying support for the dermis as well as treatment for the superficial part. Deeper groves in the frown lines or around the eyes might require Botox or Dysport to relax the muscle plus fillers. To treat a wrinkle or fold it is important to remember that you have deep loss of volume of the fat pads and bone of your face. You might need to support the area with Sculptra, Perlane or Voluma.

Make sure you contact an medical expert on your skin to make sure you are getting the correct procedure at the right time to solve all you aging problems!